James Rodríguez

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James Rodríguez

Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 Jan 14, 05:34

Full Name: James David Rodríguez Rubio

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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby milanillo » 2016 Nov 12, 19:33

Against Chile he seems very slow . I think in the last maches he plays standing mode . I mean he dosen't run so match . So that his speed must be decreased . Coutinho 79 and he is 81. Without doupt Coutinho is faster than James and runs more than him. Or you should add Coutinho'speed
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby mr.Boss » 2017 Feb 11, 23:03

James doesn't deserve that 81 in TS . Really , even if he still has any kind of speed , he never uses it so i don't see any reason to keep his TS at yellows . Also his EP looks a bit too high IMO and i don't know why he has not *1-Touch Shot :?:
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby ScribbleyDoibus » 2017 Jul 11, 16:46

Why is he still on 94? One of the best in the world at DA? I haven't seen any evidence to support this.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby Viyut » 2017 Jul 11, 19:20

His set hasn't changed much since 2014-15 after the WC update, that's why. The hype after the WC was too big and so i'd say that he got an update that was too generous and a bit undeserved when the previous set made by the French mods was already quite accurate. If you look a couple of pages back in the thread there were a lot of calls (in fact about two pages worth of posts asking for a downgrade) for lower DA/TS that fell on deaf ears while he was in Madrid.

And so i ask the German mods to recreate the set from scratch. There is a clear bias in the current one, and i'm not sure it was ever an accurate set for what James showed at club level.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby jurgens » 2017 Jul 11, 19:43

I've got a lot to say about this set, and why this move happend and what it means.

This set has alot of things nailed, but it has a lot of strange aspects to it, as well as flat out inaccurate values, overall it paints James as a completely differnt beast than he is.
Why did James fall out of favor with Zidane? There is a multitude of reasons, but the main reason that I see is that James is not the sort of player that Zidane wants for his frontline up. And it has a lot to do with his apparent flaws. If you look at all the attacking creative players favoured by Zidane, they all follow a very specific pattern, fast with the ball, good at breaking on the counter, good at retention, tricky, good at taking on players and drawing attention to them. Then you have James, who on paper is all of these things, but in reality, hes fails at most of them and ultimately is a player that slows down the play. James is not a winger, hes not a dribbler, hes not a speedster. He is an *AM essentially whos technically supreme and his game revolves around creation and 90% of that comes from passing and a lot of the reason why 90% of it comes from passing, is due to his awkwardness and lack of fluidity that forces him into releasing early. I'll go into this in more detail later.

For bayern followers who aren't really familar with James, you'd look at this set and think. Excellent DA, 86 DS, 83 BB, 86 agi... this is the perfect heir to Ribery. Nope, nope, nope. They are nothing alike at all. Now this is not to say James will not succeed at bayern, he is an excellent player, he just isn't in the mold of your typical winger that Bayern so heavily relies upon, he isn't a winger at all, this set is extremely misleading and I plan to address all of these issues.

Back to what I said earlier about how James is all of these things on paper, but in reality isn't. You see, hes a misleading player. He could have the ball on the spot, and do a 180 twist thats super slick and fast, you'd think mids 80's agi.
But the reality is that while he has the occasional movement like this, overall he is awkward and extremely 1 footed. When he needs to use agility, acc, or ds, he can't really do it. Anytime hes in a position where people are coming at him, he doesn't have the mobility to do much else other than release the ball, or dribble off to the side. He has decent physicality, hes even decently fast, but he can't put it to use in pressured situations, his body appears to be very cumbersome. Just out right awkward. Hes not gonna be taking players on at speed, hes not gonna be trying to jink in and out of players, hes not gonna try burst anyone, he won't really try dribble you either.

All that being said, his DA is actually excellent, really tight and slick control, but he doesn't have the physicality to help him use it. Like I said, awkward, slow, extremely 1 footed, he also isn't particularly strong. Actually while I'm on that, if he was 83 BB combined with the rest of his relatively poor movements, that BB could be his saving grace and he could fall back on it to hold up play regularly. And while he does this from time to time, he tends to avoid it and just release it as players close him down. When he does get into confrontations, he goes down a lot. Don't see a player anywhere near that solid.

So he has great DA, but he just doesn't have much other tools to help him use it. He is capable of very nice control, like I said, hes a technically supreme player, it's just his awkwardness that lets him down. I'd say hes quite capable of showing 94 da, but it tends to be lower for the reasons stated. I'd drop him to low 90's best.

I've talked a lot about his downsides, but he has many, many up sides. Hes an extremely technically complete player, excellent passing, great vision, great shooting, insane volleys, good first touch thats really only let down by his lack of mobility. He has good forward runs and takes up dangerous positions in the box, hes very smart and recognizes his limitations, so you'll see some great DA if hes forced into a corner, or if he has space, but other than that you won't really see much out of him dribble wise. All in all, hes a modern day AM, moving out to the left wing and getting into the box... AM/SS hybrid with left wing tendencies, a creator with killer instinct and some good shooting ability.

Regarding the lack of mobility I talked about and how hes a misleading player; Yes, he can show good DS on counters, even something like mid 80's, when he has space and no one pressing him down. And yes, he can show good agility, even speed. The problems arise when he has to use it, he can't. Any pressure on him and these aspects to his game dissapear. It's very limiting to him, and this has a lot to do why he fell out of favor when Zidane took over, he slows down the game and is very poor at breaking on the counter compared to the rest of Madrids offensive roster.

It's very easy to create a James in game, that is capable in all the areas that I mentioned he regularly falters in. And I think this is really key to replicating him in game. At first I kept him an 81 DS, and 80 ACC. But the more I watched, the more I'd see his inability, and overall outright failure to capitalize on key situations where a player who had that mobility, would make use of it without out hesitation or any problem, to change the game. And for these reasons, I feel it's quite necessary to give him very harsh values, to limit him as he is limited in reality, otherwise you'll end up with the perfect player with no weakness, a player who Zidane would have started every game without fail.

Actually, if you look at Isco and James as it stands, whats the difference? Isco is basically superior in everything technical, while James beats him in everything physically. But only the technicality being better in Iscos favor is right, as James doesn't really beat Isco in any other aspect physically regarding being on the ball. Isco carries the ball with speed so well, hes so evasive and tricky, super slick in his body movements no matter what pressure is on him, even holds off players better than james and goes to the ground less than James, something really needs to be done about that stat wise. Those are some of the key aspects that saw a resurgence for Isco under Zidane, while James saw the exact opposite. I mean just look at Isco's role during the UCL final, it's the antithesis of James, James could not play that role, it's just not how he is.

I just want to stress here, while I put James down a lot in this post, it's just to show that he has very clear flaws, but he is an excellent, excellent player and a very exciting signing for Bayern. But he needs to be used right. And this makes me wonder what the intent is with him? Muller plays best in the hole, James plays best in the hole, or even better further back. James signing seems kind of like a slap in the face to Muller. Or is he going to be playing out wide, and just a tactical change, opting for a technically complete and creative wing option, rather than a fast wing wizard like bayern usually play? Maybe ancelotti will even try to convert him like he did with pirlo :lol:
Who knows, will be interesting to see how this move develops. Hes an extremly dangerous player and should be a real asset to Bayern.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby Korinov » 2017 Jul 11, 21:44

Thank you for that post rob, really.

I really felt, several times, the previous set needed some changes. It depicted an incredibly all-rounded player with virtually no weaknesses. And James was never, ever like that. What most struck me was his odd movements, watching him was really strange many times because here and here you could see flashes of things he could do, but then when under pressure or in tight situations (when you would actually expect him to resort to such resources) he wouldn't, he would just release the ball as safely as he could, or just go down under pretty light pressure from defenders (while at the same time looking like he could withstand way more).

He's such an odd player I never came around to updating or even suggesting anything. I partially agreed with the previous posts about decreasing both his speed and his DA, I never perceived him as more than mid greens TS and just barely better Acc, but I didn't get around it since from time to time he would make decent speedy runs here and there, which left me surprised and unable to draw a conclusion. Same with his DA, he could be absolutely godly sometimes, with flashes of brilliance that even looked like red DA potential. So you would expect him to truly show it when it mattered... but he wouldn't.

Despite all his flaws he's an excellent player, pretty much at the peak of his career and with a lot to offer to any team able to surround him well and make good use of his strenghts. He simply wasn't suited to Madrid's playstyle during the last two years, everybody knew it and he probably did as well. In all honesty I'm not sure Bayern is the perfect environment for him to thrive, but I guess Ancelotti has a plan.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby Albo7 » 2017 Jul 11, 22:01

You forgot about Thiago. As it stands right now a Thiago-James pairing would look so dangerous when it comes to creation and technical perfectness. The only way I see them both in he team along with Muller is a classical 4-3-1-2 diamond formation, where Bayern loses it's wings for the first time in 10(?) years. All they need for this to happen is to buy a good -enforcer like- dmf, or even maybe re-use Javi in that position. Something like:

---------------Javi------------(or someone else)

They also bought a high quality sub in Tolisso which cangive alot of support to this formation, not to forget that I'm sure that there would also be alot of space for Sanches too. Who knows, maybe he can really explode with a stacked midfield.. The problem is that this formation leaves Robben out, and I'm pretty convinced that the old Dutchman has still got 1 or 2 magnific seasons left in his left foot. It's either that, or Bayern returning to their old 4-4-2/4-5-1 mixture, then sure, this move is a slap in the face of Muller, but let's not forget that this is the kind of formation where he's always shined. There's also some more problems with re-using that formation, Robben can't play half the season, and Ribery looks worse than ever.. and now that they're selling Douglas Costa, I really am under the impression that they wanna use James on the wings, and I really hope they don't.. So that diamond formation remains as the only logical solution. And btw, they still got to find a quality replacement for the MASSIVE gap Lahm left at the RB spot too.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby antony » 2017 Jul 11, 22:29

4-3-2-1 Ancelotti beloved tactic in Milan era?

Vidal Thiago Tolisso
Robben James


Muller went from a really bad one year... i don't want to say he is done but seems to lose a lot his abilities
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby Major general Woof » 2018 Mar 18, 10:48


Best actions this season. A lot of remarkable playmaking, deserves mid yellow teamwork for his intelligence in support.
Also something worth a notice - agility is easily white, like 72. And his passes deserve more attention, he could be going for orange IMO, just need to find some examples to point out.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby Cskarlata » 2018 May 03, 03:26

In Bayern he has a new role, he is CM, in Germany he learned to win the ball and defend better, since he plays more back than before, I think his stats in passes must be in orange, he has a glove on his left leg, in addition to improving his defensive stats.
I recommend the following modifications

Defence: 61
Response: 84
Short Pass Accuracy: 92
Short Pass Speed: 84
Long Pass Accuracy: 93
Long Pass Speed: 87
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby Vickingo » 2018 Oct 12, 21:21

Insane placement and curling in his goal vs USA yesterday
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby Dío » 2019 Jun 06, 15:13

Doesn't strike me like a player with 5 in form, he's more like 4 or even 3. Given how gifted he is technically you would expect him to deliver good performances for a long period of time during the season, wich doesn't happen since 13/14 or 14/15. He also have multiples 'small injuries' in the past years (something like 6 or 5 injuries per season in the past 3 years) wich are also a sign of bad conditioning. Consistency is the biggest problem in his career.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby AdAc » 2019 Jun 06, 17:49

I ever thought he deserved an orange value for his first touch
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby TheeReallRonaldo » 2019 Jun 10, 12:55

He is monster of long shots..
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby daniel9valencia » 2019 Sep 23, 14:20

Great Job!! Really accurate stats for the colombian superstar, I only suggest to increase the "Long Pass Accuracy" to 96 because this one is his best and main hability.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby Fixer » 2019 Sep 23, 14:29

Well it is his best rated ability already so surely it reflects its his strongest feature :) anyhow he's doing a good job, I find it hard to comprehend why they were in such a need to get rid of him, I could understand it if Madrid had actually gone all in for a defensive midfielder but that seemed never to be the case. They really needed someone like James to speed up their offensive plays, his depth and eye for space were really needed them, specially when it feels like its just Karim doing something. However I'm afraid that to show the solidity Madrid did show yesterday they need a little more, James is asked to do alot of work and honestly Kroos is still shite and the amount of passing mistakes he's been commiting for what he's shown he can do and for what little else he offers to RM's midfield. Casemiro is doing good, but he ain't changing my mind about him still not being GOOD ENOUGH For what is expected, and that he lacks a more positional and deep lying player who can compensate for his activity, as Casemiro shines sweeping and playing the ball, not at keeping a team's balance when off the ball.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby daniel9valencia » 2020 Feb 21, 03:38

James should hae the Long Pas Accuracy RED: 95 - 96. This is his main abbility.
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby 7Jonathan28 » 2020 Feb 21, 03:55

daniel9valencia wrote:James should hae the Long Pas Accuracy RED: 95 - 96. This is his main abbility.

93 LPA seems ok for him. Honestly, the stat that should get an update imo is Tech, his first touch is great. For me it must be between 90-93
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby AdAc » 2020 Feb 21, 17:48

Don't know if he deserves a better LPA value, but I think that he would deserve orange values bot for Technique and for Short pass accuracy

and for Curling, absolutely
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Re: James Rodríguez

Postby peldano » 2020 Sep 14, 15:51

A different player, a different player from the others on the field Yesterday he had almost 1 year and a few months without playing 90 minutes and he gave a football recital for the band is not very fast but he has a lot of technique, he passed several balls to Richarlison who later The Brazilian wasted the passes were long and precise and also sacrificed when scoring and had a play that made a hat and had one that left Moura ahead he understands the game well he knows when he has to change front and when to pass is Everyone's partner and Everton showed a great game, he was much superior to a poor Tottenham James has a good punch too I think he is more stable than his stats show Yesterday I saw him in a specific play where they did not knock him down and with Ancelotti feels confident and so he can play free and better. Allan Doucure and the best of Everton together with a wonderful Pickford James will compete with de Bruyne James understands. He receives, raises his head and slaps her for a change of orientation. That has been repeated four or five times in the first half, and it is an effective action. Neither Alli nor Davies pressure him, and he has understood the damage that his diagonals generate. The Colombian looks eager, gaining confidence and understanding that driving must be faster, more agile. For now, great debut of the 19 in Premier League Great debut match for James Rodríguez. The Colombian stopped by the right sector with a changed profile. Building a 4-2-3-1 when Everton had the ball and a 4-3-2-1 when defending. Very participative, well in the setback and with personality. Interesting little partnerships with Richarlison and André Gómes. 91 minutes gave Ancelotti.


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