Billy Gilmour

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Billy Gilmour

Postby PES Stats Database » 2019 Sep 13, 14:29

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Re: Billy Gilmour

Postby BigStu » 2020 Mar 03, 21:39

Sensational performance tonight, I know all the hype over josh mceachran was misplaced, but Billy looks like actually he is that player, all the good bits Jorginho brings without his glacial pace and with more progressive tendency’s.
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Re: Billy Gilmour

Postby Ryuu » 2020 Mar 08, 15:43

Having a good match against Everton, constantly running, played simple passing the ball around mainly with closer teammates available. Stamina defo better than 60.
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Re: Billy Gilmour

Postby 7Jonathan28 » 2020 Mar 08, 16:02

Ryuu wrote:Having a good match against Everton, constantly running, played simple passing the ball around mainly with closer teammates available. Stamina defo better than 60.

Nice full debut by him today. Is risky to play him on DM position because as i knew he's AM, even his partners Mount and Barkley are amf too. But he's very confident and comfortable when the ball is in his feet. He did his job very well. He reminds me of Frenkie De Jong, imo their playing style look similar.
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Re: Billy Gilmour

Postby godsplan » 2020 Mar 08, 20:18

Is there a way to represent just how calm on the ball he is? He never looks flustered despite looking like a (and being) child.
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Re: Billy Gilmour

Postby furymaker » 2020 Mar 09, 01:50

2nd game in a row watching this kid play, reminds of very early dinamo zagreb days of kovacic before he started running on the ball often, calm in possession, always knows from which side he is getting pressured and uses it to hide the ball, really smart player, that covers shitton of ground.

His passing is vertical and progressive, he is perfect player to start building up the attacks, always finds the open teammate ahead of him if its possible, barely does a wrong decision so far, outstanding from such a young player..

and from these 2 games, looks like his sta, tw are really high yellow values, but lets allow him to play more and prove himself more
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Re: Billy Gilmour

Postby anOKguy » 2020 Jun 05, 03:26

He’s a really supportive player and while he’s not going out and making a lot of flashy passes, he’s very tidy in recycling the ball, smartly progressing the ball, and keeping the tempo of the game favorable for the side. He’s got a press resistant streak to his game which belies his age. Very smart player! Agreed with everything furymaker said above. His TW and stamina are really really impressive for sure. Just a calm player and even when he’s nervous he’s able to keep his head and keep ticking along.

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