Ragnar Klavan

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Ragnar Klavan

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Apr 08, 11:27


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Re: Ragnar Klavan

Postby Its All Academic » 2016 Jul 20, 12:59

Moved to Liverpool

Evidence on official LFC website
http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-t ... nar-klavan
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Re: Ragnar Klavan

Postby jurgens » 2016 Aug 01, 01:57

Looks comfortable on the ball and a decent passer, interesting player.
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Re: Ragnar Klavan

Postby Relja » 2016 Aug 23, 10:19

He may look good on the ball, but the way he was positioned before Burnley's first goal is that amateur i was literally shocked! He's obvioulsy tactically dog shit, no wonder, he's from Estonia (not trying to be racist, just saying that football there is not very advanced in any way) and he spent the most of his time in the Netherlands. But literally.


I wasn't able to watch Burnley vs LFC so i went to youtube to watch the goals, and his positioning really annoyed me. You see how big the distance is between him and Lovren is? It's his mistake, because the ball was on Lovren's side of the pitch, so he should've come closer to him, to avoid a big hole like this between them. But no, Klavan reacted like a 16 years old, tactically inept player from Serbia. This is shocking, no matter how good is his technique and passing, this is actually one of the most childish and amateur mistakes i've ever seeen in Premier league in terms of postioning and tactical sense.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRvrr7n0YmY Have a better look.
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Re: Ragnar Klavan

Postby Chenghis.Khan » 2016 Aug 23, 11:22

Relja wrote:It's his mistake

You sure that was such a big mistake?

You are always fucked if you spread wide as a team and then lose the ball deep in your own midfield like that. Transition offense kills, ask Klopp. Klavan is the one looking bad on tv but so was Moreno vs Arsenal (2nd goal?), when I'd rather look at Clyne/Lallana losing the ball, not the defender being in a correct attacking position suddenly being forced to defend. If Clyne plays a long ball back to him, he's positioned correctly (Clyne can't pass to Lovren who is marked). Look at 0:31, that's an easy pass to Lallana where you don't expect to lose the ball and Clyne completely bottles it. Klavan reacts well but is still a step late. I'd say well played by Burnley.
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Re: Ragnar Klavan

Postby Nrby » 2016 Aug 23, 12:09

Agree in this situation both defenders went wide to give passing options ... you can't really judge a defenders positioning on this example ... not that he is too good but you can't shove that goal down his throat.
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Re: Ragnar Klavan

Postby KeyserSoze » 2017 Jan 11, 20:03

He's way better than this as a long ball deliver. That's arguably one of the main reasons Klopp requested the signing of Klavan to Liverpool.
At Augsburg he was eventually replaced by Hinteregger for the same reasoning behind.
The difference is that Klavan is more solid in that aspect if compared to Hinteregger. The Austrian's long balls are way more speedy than Klavan's, but he also misses the target more often than Klavan.
I'd set something like LPA 82 LPS 79 for Klavan plus Pinpoint Pass.
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