Alessio Cragno

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Alessio Cragno

Postby PES Stats Database » 2013 Sep 27, 19:20


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Re: Alessio Cragno

Postby vinnie » 2018 Mar 17, 04:20

This guy is an incredible goalkeeper. i first noticed him sometime last season when he was at benevento, but knew i needed to watch more to confirm what i saw from some of his saves. i moved on from him waiting for more footage to use. lately i was reminded by him when watching other goalkeepers and tried to catch up on his performances. i think he's consistently hit the level i suspected he had.

the thing that stands out to me right away about cragno is his goalkeeping skill. he's red GKS minimum. i think his shot stopping skill is amongst the very best 3 in the world, and his parrying and handling is very very strong. i think he reminds me of oblak quite alot actually, and i actually see cragno with an edge. this stood out quite alot and was the outstanding talent i saw when i first noticed him. i watched all of the match highlights from this season to see the goals he's let in, but other than one cross against roma where he slightly misjudged the best action to take when he tried to dived for the cross and catch it but failed, he stops shots that 99% of goalkeepers would let in just due to the incredible efficiency and skill of movement needed to reach those shots. he doesn't mishandle shots, is a strong parrier, and a good catcher. i see no reason for him to have less than 95 GKS, and i would personally say he deserves 96 GKS, level with Oblak.

this response rating is accurate. his reflexes are good, but not outstanding, and lag behind a fair few other goalkeepers. he saves everything he should but lacks the reflexes to save bullet headers like alisson or strakosha or handanovic or that genoa goalkeeper or the (spal? some bald guy goalkeeper that looks like reina) can. this is the same value i concluded with independently.

defense is worth about 88. his general sense of the goal, and how he decides to close down attackers or make quick decisions about how to defend a shooting situation is generally quite good, but he has that little bit of occaisonal hesitation and second guessing. again, if you compare to alisson, alisson is a world away in his goalkeeping skill, but alisson IS better at closing down shooters and deciding how to prepare for a shot to cover the most options. This makes alisson generally harder to beat, especially with his size and reflex advantage.

cragno's ability to claim crosses is decent/ mildly above average but nothing remarkable. he's also agile, but not overly so again. i didn't see too much jump from him either and thought something like 79 is ok, but this can be left as is.

the set i would recommend for update would be like this:

alessio cragno

Attack: 30
Defence: 88
Balance: 82
Stamina: 63
Top Speed: 61
Acceleration: 70
Response: 89
Agility: 76
Dribble Accuracy: 57
Dribble Speed: 52
Short Pass Accuracy: 60
Short Pass Speed: 55
Long Pass Accuracy: 65
Long Pass Speed: 70
Shot Accuracy: 45
Shot Power: 84
Shot Technique: 45
Free Kick Accuracy: 42
Curling: 45
Header: 60
Jump: 79
Technique: 58
Aggression: 62
Mentality: 71
Keeper Skills: 96
Teamwork: 75

Condition/Fitness: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 4
Weak Foot Frequency: 4

some of those amazingly skilled saves:


the other values like passing dribbling etc can be left as is. though topspeed, acceleration, aggression, header, are all non random judgments.
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Re: Alessio Cragno

Postby antony » 2019 May 24, 19:10

Well, he is probably even better than this... this season he's shown a great great level of performance and crazy saves, i think it's time for a big club

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