Northern Ireland All Stars

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Northern Ireland All Stars

Postby Brezza » 2009 Jul 17, 23:14

Northern Ireland All Stars


Player-Manager: _nir Billy BINGHAM

Team Roster:


Pat JENNINGS - _eng Arsenal F.C
Harry GREGG - _eng Manchester United

Mal DONAGHY - _eng Luton Town F.C
Jackie BLANCHFLOWER - _eng Manchester United
Allan HUNTER - _eng Ipswich Town
Sammy NELSON - _eng Arsenal F.C
Alf MCMICHAEL - _eng Newcastle United
Pat RICE - _eng Arsenal F.C
Billy McCRACKEN - _eng Newcastle United

Danny BLANCHFLOWER - _eng Tottenham Hotspur
Neil LENNON - _sco Celtic F.C
Martin O'NEILL - _eng Nottingham Forest
Jimmy McILROY - _eng Burnley
Sammy McILROY - _eng Manchester United
Billy BINGHAM - _eng Sunderland
Charlie TULLY - _sco Celtic F.C

George BEST - _eng Manchester United
Patsy GALLACHER - _sco Celtic F.C
Peter DOHERTY - _eng Manchester City
Norman WHITESIDE - _eng Manchester United
David HEALY - _eng Preston North End
Billy GILLESPIE - _eng Sheffield United
Joe BAMBRICK - _nir Glentoran

* * * * * * * * *

Elisha SCOTT - _eng Liverpool

Jackie VERNON - _eng West Brom
Chris NICHOLL - _eng Aston Villa
Alex ELDER - _eng Burnley

Bertie PEACOCK _sco Celtic
Peter McPARLAND - _eng Aston Villa

Derek DOUGAN - _eng Wolverhampton Wanderers
Gerry ARMSTRONG - _eng Watford
Colin CLARKE - _eng Southampton

--------------J. BLANCHFLOWER-------HUNTER----------------------
---------------D. BLANCHFLOWER-----LENNON(c)--------------------

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Re: Northern Ireland All Stars

Postby electric_trigger » 2009 Jul 19, 08:59

Nice work Brezza

linked two more
Jimmy Nichol
Sammy Nelson
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Re: Northern Ireland All Stars

Postby kevanos » 2009 Aug 22, 05:58

hi brezza this site is terrible patsy gallacher is a fascinating player , for me the most talented of celtic glasgow ever very funny player to create in terms of dribbling skills agility acceleration....
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Re: Northern Ireland All Stars

Postby zingo » 2009 Aug 30, 21:58

Yes, I have heard that Patsy Gallacher was good, but I dont think he played to often for the national team if at all. Plus he is a pre-war player and they are not usually in NT allstar teams, i dont think. The Allstar team is the players that have played best and been influential for the National team, not the best players from that country, if they never played for their country.

But he'd definately be good to make, I agree.

And for this site being terrible.... :roll: .... I quite like it...
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Re: Northern Ireland All Stars

Postby C-Wizzy » 2010 Oct 30, 18:28

thanks guys for taking time to create N.I All Star Teams, will there be any more players getting created please ... ?

also , i like the update done brezza, but you should have billy bingham and gerry armstrong in the starting squad not reserves ...

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