Benjamin Moukandjo

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Benjamin Moukandjo

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Jun 22, 09:59

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Re: Benjamin Moukandjo

Postby ballack13 » 2013 Nov 17, 20:50

77 Explosive Power seems really harsh.

I'd have him yellow values - maybe 84 or so.
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Re: Benjamin Moukandjo

Postby Adrien » 2013 Nov 20, 09:51

He doesn't have so great turn with his body, he using much more his close control, but the problem is that he's very inconsistent this season, he doesn't look motivate to play in 2nd league. But sometimes indeed he can show some body movement but again that's not impressive, not like a 84, that's just decent at his best. For me he's not a 84, show me some body turn on video please if you think he's yellow but I don't think so.
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Re: Benjamin Moukandjo

Postby mat880 » 2014 Jun 14, 13:38

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Re: Benjamin Moukandjo

Postby GullyGod » 2015 Nov 09, 08:27

Currently he is in a amazing form in Lorient , in 13 matches 9 goals and 1 asist. If he continues like this he is 1 of the favorites to be top scorer. His shooting stats are very underrated on the current set , no doubt oh gosh he was updated lastly 4 years ago.
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Re: Benjamin Moukandjo

Postby Houy » 2015 Dec 14, 21:05

my original post was deleted when the site was reset.ATT 81 reserved for now.DA 82 ,RESP 83 ,SA 79PK 73,BB 81,ST 78.What has basically changed is he totally adapted to CF and is taking advantage of his amazing speed for his position ,his passing is nothing too special,i dont know about his passing stats,his ATT and RESP need the most significant change,also he is stronger ,he is harder to knock down after getting passed a defenders who try to stop him with force since they can't keep up with his speed,also jump can go up a bit,he scored some headed goals but it is mostly because of his positioning.I really like him in Master League since pes 2013 with smaller teams and now he is doing it in real life.

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