Joel Carli

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Joel Carli

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 May 29, 22:57

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Re: Joel Carli

Postby Paablito » 2015 Dec 05, 01:17

well he is what i tried to represent with the set: a really strong guy (probably his bb is orange or near that but i dont wanna op him), with really lack of technique (damn, he lacks of knowledge how stop the ball with any part of his body), something i forgot to update is his jump could be easily in yellow, in the air he is so good not only by his crazy bb. Also his lps and kp could be higher. With the ball at his feet was a problem to his team. That was i said "i cant believe it" this move is so ??? :lol:
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Re: Joel Carli

Postby Jean_PS » 2015 Dec 05, 03:07

Okay. When he finally play some games I will try to accompany him, especially to look his points in BB and jump. :)
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Re: Joel Carli

Postby distinguidosrx » 2015 Dec 05, 19:54

Strong CB, like pablito says...his BB its close to orange, its slow, but very regular.
Nice player deserves the best. In Quilmes love him.
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Re: Joel Carli

Postby LykO » 2016 Sep 18, 10:08

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