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Eduardo Sasha

Postby PES Stats Database » 2015 May 15, 12:24


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Re: Eduardo Sasha

Postby toaad » 2016 Sep 25, 20:02

Viyut wrote:And yes, he is a Serie B level player. There are several Serie B level players on Serie A, even playing for some big teams. Being Serie B level does not mean it's impossible for them to play at Serie A or be signed by a Serie A club, but they'll struggle to make an impact most of the time and will be quite far from the level of the best players in the league, like Sasha is at the moment.

Obviously he is a player for Serie B level, is also for the serie C and serie D... that because he has a very good tactical level for the Serie A so he can play, for obvious reasons, in any division.
IMO he isnt JUST a player of serie B level but what makes you find he is a real player of B level? Because he isn't technically brilliant? A player must be judged at least by the technical, tactical, physical and psychological parts. This judgment is something Brazilian cultural, only see the side technical.

The squad of a team is generally composed by star (or stars) players, good inconsistent and consistent players, supporting players and young players. Be careful when you generalizing the all players. Supporting players of the of the big teams are often the stars of medium/small teams.
Supporting players of the medium/bottom serie A teams would at least dispute position in the first team of the serie B teams.

This argument is well generalizing because Egídio, Guilherme, Wesley, Barrios, Alan Patrick, Pierre and other millions good players are reserve in their teams, far from being the best player of the League but that doesn't mean that are "just" series B players. If the would be play in one of them, they are the great references of the team by far.

Viyut wrote:(You can't underestimate the Serie C teams either, São Paulo did go down on the cup against Juventude while Inter lost to Fortaleza on the away match, both Serie C clubs).

This was a VERY shallow analysis, before judging the game you have to see the importance that the team gives for the game, if is the firsst team that play, the tournament that is, the objectives of each and of course the pressure for the result.
Sao Paulo was in a hell of crisis, totally inconsistent in the league and played totally pressed against the decent team of Juventude. If you have already had a natural pressure for the huge difference between the teams, ambitions, money, story, title and representation ... this crisis has only worsened. If the Juventude already went totally quiet as his destination, as if defeated was expected and any other result would be already a positive surprise, he entered the game with even more mentality of the "nothing to lose and no pressure at all".

Juventude really is an organized team (that allows these "unexpected" results since technically there is a huge difference between the teams of series A and series C) and the teams of lower leagues really shortened a bit the overall quality distance with Serie A teams but still with stratospheric difference.

Think how many teams on lower divisions were eliminated by Serie A teams, even in these circumstances. If the Juventude were eliminated hardly would cite something about Serie C teams... we should stop only judge the result and see the show behind the curtains, see behind the scenes.

Viyut wrote:There's a lot of quality players on the lower leagues, several NT players who were at small teams on Serie B/C/D before getting a transfer for a big team and then playing at NT (Like Jucilei, or Paulinho) and if you pay attention you'll see several youth international players and players that were in Europe, didn't do well, or wanted to go back to Brasil for whatever reason and didn't get a chance on a big team when they came back(yet). Some big clubs are just really bad at scouting players.

But are two factors, first a player that plas only 5 caps for NT does not mean that is a level NT player (true NT level) This can be a test, a smaller competition etc ... is much more complex. Is the same mentality that you said about the Serie A players who can play in B or the serie B in the serie A.

There are a lot of small/medium traditional teams in producing youth players and there are actually numerous players with huge potential to be great players in the feature.
What really has to get away from common sense is to understand that there is countless promising players in inferioes leagues but only confirm his potential in a stronger league.

Paulinho was summoned to the Brazilian selection if he had shown his football only in series B/C? Playing at Bragantino.
He confirmed and evolved its potential, with excelent performances in the first league and Libertadores, much more difficult and competitions level's considerably higher than the series B or the Paulista Championship.

A player can destroy a lower league, but if he does not show it in the first division or a big team (more competitive, difficult, where the pressure is infinitely greater)... his potential is not reached, his potential is seen as overpower.
There is a difference in the overall (what he is) and potential the player (what he can be).
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Re: Eduardo Sasha

Postby Viyut » 2016 Sep 25, 21:05

You do have some good points there Toaad. But despite the tactical aspect being very, very important in football, it's only one third of the skillset a top player needs, and Sasha's no genius tactically, only above the average in Brasil. And if you combine that with his okay, but average physical abilities, and below average technical ability, that is what makes him a Serie B player imo. If you don't have the technique necessary you won't be able to make a more difficult play and will end up being less dangerous as a result. Technique is something that's crucial for a midfielder. Sasha does know his limits and he hardly ever tries things that are beyond his level of skill, but his technical abilities do let him down a lot unfortunately.

I think if he had more composure in front of goal to place his shots (SA) rather than just blast them whenever he gets an opportunity to he could potentially be a great striker similar to Bilbao's Aritz Aduriz (Who is also below average technically yet is one of the most dangerous strikers in Spain) and who knows, maybe he'll start scoring for fun after a while and make me look like an idiot? Aduriz was also quite the average striker when he was at Sasha's age too.
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