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Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 Jan 20, 12:51

Full Name: Marcos Rogério Ricci Lopes "Pará"

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Re: PARÁ | Marcos Rogério Ricci Lopes

Postby IkerFanta » 2010 Aug 01, 22:47

What about:

Club: Santos FC
Number: 4
Position: SB, WB, DMF,
Nationality: _bra Brazilian
Age: 23 (14/02/1986)

Foot: R
Side: B

Length: 171
Weight: 71

Attack: 74
Defence: 70
Balance: 77
Stamina: 84
Top Speed: 84
Acceleration: 85
Response: 81
Agility: 82
Dribble Accuracy: 78
Dribble Speed: 82
Short Pass Accuracy: 75
Short Pass Speed: 77
Long Pass Accuracy: 76
Long Pass Speed: 77
Shot Accuracy: 74
Shot Power: 83
Shot Technique: 72
Free Kick Accuracy: 68
Curling: 71
Header: 73
Jump: 76
Technique: 78
Aggression: 83
Mentality: 81
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 79
Injury Tolerance: B
Condition/Fitness/Form: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 7
Consistency: 6

P01 - Overlapping Run (Its obvious he deserve that card)
P06 - Speed Merchant (Not sure about that)
S01 - Reaction
S19 - Quick Scissors Dribble (Not sure too)

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Postby Vickingo » 2011 Jul 04, 00:28

Stop! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: (just a joke)
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Postby MYS77 » 2011 Sep 30, 20:40

I'm a Santos' supporter and fan. When this guy is on the field, the Santos' crowd get scared. It's amazing how he manages to end up with an offensive move and trashes the defensive tactics. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: This boy is horrible.
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Postby TheGreatest » 2012 Sep 02, 21:09

He deserves higher Defense, something between 64-67, and a little higher response, he is the best Gremio's SB in defensive terms. Plus Nei have such superior defensive stats and i don't see him so better than Pará in Defense.
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Postby Nashi Leaf Green » 2012 Nov 23, 22:32

I know that Pará was creepy at Santos, but he is going well at Grêmio. A good defender, with not too much technique, but a great spirit :) He is underated in some aspects, and overated in others... So i made this set, with some modifications and explanations... I'm not so sure about the cards, and speed stats, but the other things i think that he deserves. Take a look :D

Spoiler: show

Name: PARÁ
Shirt Name: PARÁ
Number: 31
Positions: SB, DMF, CMF

Age: 26 (14/02/1986)
Nationality: Brazilian Image
Stronger Foot: R
Side: B
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Form: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 6
Injury Tolerance: B

Attack: 72
Defence: 67
Header Accuracy: 73
Dribble Accuracy: 80
Short Pass Accuracy: 75
Short Pass Speed: 76
Long Pass Accuracy: 74
Long Pass Speed: 76
Shot Accuracy: 70
Place Kicking: 68
Swerve: 73
Ball Controll: 77
Goal Keeping Skills: 50
Response: 79
Explosive Power: 84
Dribble Speed: 83
Top Speed: 83
Body Balance: 76
Stamina: 84
Kicking Power: 81
Jump: 78
Tenacity: 82
Teamwork: 78


Attack Awareness: 2
Defence Awareness: 2

P09 - Incisive Run
S24 - Lunging Tackle

Acceleration: 84
Shot Technique: 68
Aggression: 80


Dribble Style: 1
Free Kick Style: 1
Penalty Kick Style: 1


Spoiler: show
ATTACK: I rated him one point under Edílson (GRE - 73). Pará is a fast and energetic player when he goes to the Attack Midfield, but isn't much smart. Edílson for example has a higher game vision than him.
DEFENSE: He is the best Grêmio's SB in defensive aspects. He is a very energetic marker, and cutts a lot of passes. He gone pretty well marking Neymar (SAN) in that GRE 1 x 1 SAN at Olímpico. In that game, Neymar couldn't move himself without Pará doing the marking, ang gained a red card after a hard foul in Pará. I rated him one point below Fucile (68).
HEADER ACCURACY AND JUMP: He is a small player and so is not a great header. But for he's Height, he has a satisfactory header accuracy, but nothing great. I rated him 73, one point above Gabriel (GRE - 72). As he is a small player but is always helping the defense in the box he deserves a good value on he's Jump. I rated him 78, one point above Gabriel (again).
DRIBBLE ACCURACY / SPEED: He's dribbling skills are more based in Speed than in precision. I rated he's DA as 80 (one point above Nei (INT) that has 79, and is also a defensive SB like Pará, but at my opinion, Pará has better dribbling skills than Nei). He's DA skills are not great, but are acceptables. But he's DS skills are good. He has a fast ball conduction, and do some fast tricks, like at this video, at 5:43. I rated him 83 (the same from Juan, SAN).
SHORT PASS ACCURACY / SPEED: He is not a grat passer. Some times he do very good passes, other times he misses some pretty easy ones. He's passing skills are just medium. I rated him with the same numbers that Bruno Cortês (SÃO PAULO), 75 for SPA, and 76 for SPS.
LONG PASS ACCURACY / SPEED: For a SB, he isn't a very good Long Passer. Some times he do very good long passes, puting the ball at the parner's head. But other times he makes the ball go through the whole box without finding any partner. Nei also has this characteristic, so i rated him with the same vallues (74 and 76).
SHOT ACCURACY / KICKING POWER: For a SB, he has a good kick. He doesn't use it too much, but when he use it, he do some good shots. I rated him with 70 (one above Alessandro, COR). He's Kicking Power was very overated. I rated it with the same number than Cortês, 71.
PLACE KICKING / SWERVE: 70 was too much for he's Place Kicking. I lowered it to 68. He's swerve is fine. He doesn't use to do power kicks, but accurate kicks, with some curling. I rated it 73, 1 point below Nei.
BALL CONTROL: Technically he isn't a great player. He has more spirit than technique. Some times he misses some easy balls. I rated him 77, the same from Fábio Santos.
RESPONSE: He has a very good response. Cuts a lot of passes, and do some pretty good coverings. I rated him 79, the same from Juan. He's Response is one of the best skills from Pará.
BODY BALANCE: He is a small player, but for his height he is a strong guy, like Gabriel. So i rated Pará one point below Gabriel, 76.
STAMINA / TENACITY: Pará is a very energetic player, that marks during the 90 minutes. He is a player with a great player. I rated him with Stamina 84 (one below Alessandro) and Tenacity 82 (same from Nei).
TEAMWORK: He is not a very collective player. I rated him with 77 Teamwork, the same from Júlio César.

CARDS: In that video that i showed before, you can clearly see why i gave him the "Incisive Run" card. He constantly cuts to the middle with a great speed, entering in the opponent's box. Lunging Tackle, like i said before, i gave him because one of his best attributes is his quality cutting passes.
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Re: Pará

Postby Anders » 2012 Dec 29, 21:07

Made an update on him based on this last set.
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Re: Pará

Postby Vickingo » 2013 Jan 24, 12:14

Yesterday showed incredible pace and a gameplay in which he dribbled throught 3 opponents at full speed.
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Re: Pará

Postby Ramindbroken » 2015 Jan 20, 15:08

He is on Flamengo now.
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Re: Pará

Postby Christiancito » 2015 Apr 06, 01:39

Move him to Flamengo please.
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Re: Pará

Postby toaad » 2017 May 15, 01:30

Probably this set is outdated.
I would like to know your opinion @GabriMelo94.
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Re: Pará

Postby GabriMelo94 » 2017 May 15, 01:42

toaad wrote:Probably this set is outdated.
I would like to know your opinion @GabriMelo94.

Maybe reduce your TS and ACC by -2 and slightly your AGG only.

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