El Fardou Ben Mohamed

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El Fardou Ben Mohamed

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 17, 08:34


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Re: El Fardou Ben Mohamed

Postby bitz » 2018 Jan 13, 13:27

Houy wrote:
About the set, there are a couple of things i wanted to look into from my impressions of him from Panionios but we never really got to see him.

I could see his DA and Agi a tad lower, i know his DA was recently increased and i don't necessarily disagree with it but i remember i didn't see his close control quite at yellows. This is probably just be a cosmetic thing, i have him at DA 79, Agi 85 in my game for example. Just something i wanted to check out.

The other thing is his SA/ST. I see him more balanced there . His placement is pretty good ,not exceptional, maybe 76-77. His ST isn't so close to 80s from what i've seen and he has some trouble with 1-touch shots. He's decent at shooting from angles but again i'd rate him at very low greens. His shooting is more about placement in general from what i remember, SP might be worth a look also....eeh just try to check out his shooting ;)

I mainly increased his DA due to his ability to hold onto the ball in crucial moments. He's nothing fancy in terms of close control or trickery but he's able to create space for a shot easily with some footwork. As for the shooting stats, yeah he probably deserves higher SA and less SP & ST but not by a large margin.
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Re: El Fardou Ben Mohamed

Postby VUKDS » 2018 Feb 21, 19:32

Very good set and suggestions. I will leave some of my thoughts for the following months. For now, I have to say that he is hesitating to use his right foot in the various situations.
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Re: El Fardou Ben Mohamed

Postby Hostafler99 » 2018 Jul 24, 22:35

I think his main position should be SS, he started some games at AMF/SS position and even when he starts on the right wing he spends a lot of time in the middle of the pitch and sometimes drops deep to pick up the ball.

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