Ivan Rakitić

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Ivan Rakitić

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 12, 18:20


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Re: Ivan Rakitić

Postby JIN726 » 2018 Mar 09, 08:39

I think hes overrated in some aspects.
Nowadays he plays deep, he’s supportive,but he’s
No way this dangerous.I think hes not as danger as iniesta.hes a good player,but not so talented.His lpa is superb,but regarding to this short,I think almost pass is safe,but lacks of imagination,he rarely delivers fatal pass. I don’t think his spa could be better than kroos if you ask me.87 would be max I’d say.
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Re: Ivan Rakitić

Postby reydecopas » 2018 Jun 21, 23:35

Hell of a match today, nothing else to say. The curling and power that free kick had was awesome btw
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Re: Ivan Rakitić

Postby Gekko64 » 2018 Sep 04, 11:06

this ATT/DEF ratio doesn't reflect his current role at Barça, he's been excelling in a more withdrawn role for the last year or so
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Re: Ivan Rakitić

Postby Gekko64 » 2019 Jan 07, 23:28

83 stamina is way too low for him
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Re: Ivan Rakitić

Postby pcrooce » 2019 Jan 08, 00:56

his pes 2019 set is great tbh, mostly his speed/physical stats, tested it with a few tweaks that represents him through his 2018 and his great wc

edit: as i asked on discord it’s better to explain my suggestions rather than just leaving the set in here in case someone wondered how it looked, as i said, these are minor tweaks overall but a massive change in his speed stats. it’s more noticeable in new gen pes, for the record, i stopped playing pes 6 and pes 13 to focus mainly on new stats and overall gamplay on pes 19. it’s a really good game, not complete by any means as KONAMI has a record to fuck up big releases but I believe that with good guidance pes 20 will be really good and we’ll need all the information we can about the new stats, how they work and a solid knowledge for player movements in game.

Rakitic is no longer an agile player by any means, it’s hard for him to turn around and follow up a player running past him, he can do it, sure. But he’s not that far from Busquets when it comes to speed, there’s a difference between “not making use of it” and “not being fast enough” and Rakitic doesn’t make use of his speed, same as Modric. There’s a climp of Luka running half pith at 34km/h but of course he doesn’t do that every match, same with Rakitic, but harsher.

I believe he could get even lower ts (i have him on 67 just like his pes19 set suggests).

Spoiler: show
(just testing in new gen, not playing anymore old pes versions so it’s up to you to use it lol)

Ability Settings
Attacking Prowess: 78
Ball Control: 87
Dribbling: 84
Low Pass: 87
Lofted Pass: 90
Finishing: 82
Place Kicking: 80
Swerve: 86
Header: 70
Defence Prowess: 72
Ball Winning: 70
Kicking Power: 87
Speed: 70
Explosive Power: 67
Body Control: 80
Physical Contact: 73
Jump: 65
Goalkeeping: 40
Catching: 40
Clearing: 40
Reflexes: 40
Coverage: 40
Stamina: 84
Weak Foot Usage: 3
Weak Foot Accuracy: 3
Form: 4
Injury Tolerance: 2

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