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National Teams Rules & FAQ

Postby Ace » 2009 Jul 24, 20:45

  • We make rosters with REGULAR players, not LAST called players.
    An example: if a NT calls every time a player, but he miss one match because an injury, he deserve to be in the roster.
  • The only exception is for "official" rosters. What means "official"? Rosters from World Cup, Euro Cup, Copa America, Confederation Cup and other big tournaments between NTs.
  • If you made a player's stats notify it in his NT topic, we need help with wrong/missing links.
  • Kits and logos are from Football Manager. I'm not a kitmaker/logomaker so I can't create new kits, I just find them to make threads nice.
  • Unuseful posts will be deleted, so if you need stats of a player don't post here but go into the Missing Players Thread.

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