Daniel Bachmann

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Daniel Bachmann

Postby PES Stats Database » 2020 Apr 07, 15:26

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Re: Daniel Bachmann

Postby 7Jonathan28 » 2021 May 09, 11:25

Even though he's not always become the first choice and take turns appearing on the line up with Foster, but he's had a great season. He has fewest goals-per-game conceded on the Championship with only 0,57/match, in the other hand, Foster also has good goals-per-game conceded stat, with 0,74/match. They also were played in the same amount of games, but Bachmann has better stat with 13 clean sheets in 23 games, compared to Foster who has 10 clean sheets from 23 games. Watford were so blessed to have these two goalkeepers that performing well this season and it helped them gained the promotion.

He's an unsung hero for Watford i must say, he's so good for them. He has great reflexes, solid clearing, safe catching and has fantastic coordination with the defenders in front of him. I've never seen him played in the Premier League in few seasons, but i think he'll get the chance next season since he has his confidence and Xisco trusted him. And he also needs the "rewards" for his performance so far, he deserves higher stats.

So here are my suggestions:
Defence: 78
Body Balance: 83
Response: 84
Agility: 70
Long Pass Accuracy: 64
Long Pass Speed: 67
Jump: 75
Mentality: 73
Keeper Skills: 79
Teamwork: 76

Catching: 78
Clearing: 80
Reflexes: 84
Coverage: 79
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