Southampton FC

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Southampton FC

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Aug 24, 10:26

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Re: Southampton F.C.

Postby yuliancho » 2012 Aug 20, 04:01

Correct numbers:

2 Nathaniel CLYNE
8 Steven DAVIS
18 Jack CORK
21 Guly DO PRADO
27 Richard CHAPLOW

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Re: Southampton F.C.

Postby BigStu » 2013 Oct 22, 13:38

Think stats need looking at with their current defensive record
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Re: Southampton F.C.

Postby čale » 2013 Oct 22, 15:25

well it's down to clyne playing consistently good (who's a beast btw and possibly underrated), jose fonte was the only good defender they had last year (with yoshida's fluctuations in form) and the addition of lovren (who was massacred by the french media, while he's actually pretty good) which makes them solid at the back. also, wanyama and schneiderlin should take most of the credits for they're current defensive record, if it weren't for them i reckon they'd be around the 12th or 15th place in the table...
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Re: Southampton F.C.

Postby emtareqh » 2014 Jul 10, 12:49

Dušan Tadić has moved to Soton from FC Twente... Check on the club website (y)
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Re: Southampton F.C.

Postby MrMugiWara » 2015 Aug 15, 20:26

we need matt targett database sooon please

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