Daniel Fox

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Daniel Fox

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Jul 28, 23:00

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Re: Daniel FOX

Postby KeyserSoze » 2012 Aug 30, 15:01

He doesn't look that solid defensive in terms, if you ask me.
I'll carefully keep an eye on him for Soton's match against Man U, in order to suggest a new DEF value.
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Re: Daniel FOX

Postby čale » 2012 Aug 30, 15:32

agree, DEF doesn't need to be this high, also i don't know if anyone else has noticed, but last season, he's racked up a total of 13 assists.
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Re: Daniel FOX

Postby the sloth » 2012 Sep 07, 20:17

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Re: Daniel FOX

Postby vinnie » 2012 Sep 15, 21:47

His communication and decison on the 3rd goal by gervinho showed his very very impaired defensive intelligence and communication,

Held up the OX physically when the OX tried to turn him, seems stronger then 77 BB, about 79-80?

He seemed to be trying to play CB against arsenal, and it was funny watching him move with the d-line, he wasn't picking up the players he should have been, he was constantly antsy, trying to move up to challenge unmarked players infront of him (which would have left a massive hole in the middle of the D-line) and wasn't communicating with his D.

I think having him at higher RES with lower TW will replicate his constant stepping up to meet challenges (foolishly). I remember there was disucssion on RES being style as well ability, depending on other factors. I think with his TW so low, having high RES will replicate that.

Didn't show any real aggression from this game so i can echo the sloth's notes on this.
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