James Tarkowski

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James Tarkowski

Postby PES Stats Database » 2016 Sep 06, 10:33


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Re: James Tarkowski

Postby Jin » 2017 Dec 16, 09:54

He is Burnley's defensive leader, let's increase his stats
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Re: James Tarkowski

Postby KeyserSoze » 2018 May 16, 16:30

He has no shame at all on performing a no-nonsense style of defending, and actually he has mastered that defensive approach. Unless ball playing short/long is a really safe move, he will make a clearance if pressed a bit. Sounds bad on paper, but I really appreciate the fact that he's aware of his technical limitations. He's also a beast in the air, and even if he's already accounted with that towering frame, I'd say he still has the skill to perform powerful and well timed jumps.

An old school defender, still very good in that particular style.
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Re: James Tarkowski

Postby BigStu » 2018 May 16, 22:26

Yep, remember him at Brentford, been wrong on a few players in the last few years but like with Maguire, really not surprised at all he’s in a England tournament squad
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Re: James Tarkowski

Postby anOKguy » 2018 Dec 29, 04:34

I really like this guy and would like to see him in a better team surrounded with more talent. He made a name for himself last year as a defensive rock, something he has continued this year, but previously had a reputation as a ball playing CB that was good passing and getting the attacks started. He doesn't have as much of a chance for that with the way Burnley are set up, but I think he still has the abilities. Wouldn't do anything to his passing until he gets a chance to show it again. Back to his defense now. He is really good in standing up attackers, covering for his teammates, and clearing anything coming across in the air or on the ground. I can see him at 84 DEF definitely and 86 BB. He knocks guys off the ball and uses his body really well to bully players. Can hold his own with almost any player in the PL. Think he would be a tremendous addition to a team like Wolves for instance of one higher up the table.

https://youtu.be/mZqK1ZX3K7c?t=72 really good tackle of his
https://youtu.be/mZqK1ZX3K7c?t=224 recovery positioning and reading was pretty solid here
https://youtu.be/ykJlcjyK7T0?list=PLU4N ... uOWO&t=103 really good defensive header

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