Nabil Bentaleb

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Nabil Bentaleb

Postby PES Stats Database » 2014 Jan 31, 22:03

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Re: Nabil Bentaleb

Postby Major general Woof » 2016 Dec 08, 15:45

Pett wrote:Good update :) but I don't agreewith you in few points.
Maybe you forget to update his Attack Prowess, Defense Prowess , Ball Winning and Body Control.
His weight is : 77 kg
I suggest to add : AMF

I don't fully understand those stats, but other mods can do it.
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Re: Nabil Bentaleb

Postby Pett » 2016 Dec 08, 16:51

We can ask Aimer16 he would have better suggestions .
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Re: Nabil Bentaleb

Postby maels » 2017 Apr 07, 18:11

Update please!
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Re: Nabil Bentaleb

Postby KeyserSoze » 2017 Apr 07, 18:29

He was updated by Woof by December last year, and it feels fine ig. There could be some minor tweaks, some few +1 or -1, but the overall idea is there in the current set.

The whole combination of passing stats, dribbling stats, TW, Technique and ATT/DEF ratio already makes him a classy midfielder... What are you really expecting for him in an eventual update? Boosting TS/ACC or Agility?
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