Oliver Baumann

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Oliver Baumann

Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 Nov 22, 06:11


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Re: Oliver BAUMANN

Postby Crackpot » 2011 Feb 21, 11:24

Doubtless temporary the biggest GK-talent.
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Re: Oliver BAUMANN

Postby MrEskola » 2011 Nov 08, 14:40

His number is 1.
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Re: Oliver BAUMANN

Postby Malakayi » 2012 Sep 24, 23:39

I think it's time to update Baumann's set. He's one of the few well balanced keepers in our league without a big strength or weakness. That's what makes him very important for Freiburg. First I think DEF & KS can both go up by 1 point, AGI needs to come down to 78 I would say. Response is better than 85, I would raise it to 88.
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Re: Oliver Baumann

Postby Fixer » 2013 Oct 28, 14:00

Wth is this shit?
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Re: Oliver Baumann

Postby čale » 2013 Oct 28, 15:37

seen it yesterday, the dude is either a fucken class A moron or he simply had a lot of money on a HSV handicap win...
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Re: Oliver Baumann

Postby Hayame » 2013 Oct 28, 21:21

Extremly weird performance. Never saw such a game by him. Normally he is one of the keepers i know which make nearly no big mistakes.

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