Wahbi Khazri

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Wahbi Khazri

Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 Jan 01, 20:20


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Re: Wahbi Khazri

Postby ozankra » 2013 Feb 08, 22:22

Super goal by Khazri of free kick! :o

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Re: Wahbi Khazri

Postby Adrien » 2013 Feb 09, 10:38

That's more a lack of concentration and a bad placement of Sirigu
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Re: Wahbi Khazri

Postby reQ » 2015 Feb 16, 10:41

new pic maybe ;).


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Re: Wahbi Khazri

Postby Ramindbroken » 2016 Aug 02, 01:24

His EP looks a bit underrated. He isn't very agile and most of his turns can be done just thanks to his DA, but I don't see him under Bale in this regard. He's kinda clunky but that 75 looks a bit harsh, could easily be at 77-78. The same goes for DS, I'd like to see other's points of view about it, but he could even be at 80 for me, he has no problems running with the ball and dribbling through a couple of opponents. Higher BB wouldn't be crazy either.

I don't know if he deserves Form 5 though, seems more like a Form 4 player for me, technically good but a ghost when the team doesn't help him.
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Re: Wahbi Khazri

Postby Ocrin » 2018 Dec 01, 02:35


One hell of a freekick.
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