Paris Saint-Germain FC - Discussion Thread

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Paris Saint-Germain FC - Discussion Thread

Postby PES Stats Database » 2013 Aug 05, 20:18

Well, let's create it too, if both with Monaco well work, why not creating it for Lyon and Marseille too, let's see.

I start to say that PSG looks really stronger than last year. They kept all their players and also bought even better players like Cavani, Marquinhos, Digne. They also signed some young from their academy who can be a good help when needed.
They (players) looks to be really more concentrate on the project too, and I think Blanc is a nice choise as a coach.

They have no reason to not win the championship, except if they are too arrogant. But the most important for them will be to try to fight to win the UCL, wich his the project of the chairman.

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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby Adrien » 2013 Aug 09, 21:10

First match looks like last year on the first minutes, PSG players was playing too slowly like especially Pastore, Ibrahimovic and Lavezzi. Then against a team with a great compactness on defensive actions they had a goal on a counter attack. They had to fight to score a goal and didn't succeed to win.

But I think I will like how Blanc manage the team. Ongenda*(1) (the new young players) had some time at the end of the game, Rabiot too, both have great skills. The team is most offensive than with Ancelotti who played with 1 DMF and 2 CMF lol
But I'm wonder if Cavani and Ibrahimovic will be able to play together. Cavani only played some minutes and Blanc asked him to stay front of the attack and didn't get back to help in defense. Ibrahimvic was furtious when someone give the ball to Cavani instead of him, even if Cavani was near to score on that opportunities.
He still always complaining, he was furious all the time lol, the same when his partner played a FK quickly instead of waiting for him to get up and shot.

*(1) about him I'm still making a set that I started with the friendlies games he played but I'm still not sure on some area, I would like to wait and see how he will react during a month or more in Ligue 1.
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby distinguidosrx » 2015 Jan 09, 03:02


Awesome!!! :D
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby jurgens » 2016 Apr 07, 17:47

I think PSG have way, way too many spastics. That might be kinda harsh, but I think at the highest level of play having that many spastic type players is just asking for trouble

Think about it.

Cavani... great player, many incredible upsides to him, but hes such a fuck up, he makes so many outrageously bad attempts, its just comical.

Di maria, we all know how good he can be.. and how bad too. He just turns off his brain and kills chances or dribbles too much for next to no reason.

Matuidi, hes also a great player, but he plays with so much enthusiasm and energy that sometimes he just like, loses the run of himself, and fails to make the simplest offensive passes or shots, and then he can be a liability defensivly be being over enthusiastic

David luiz... ultimate fuck up player, don't even need to talk about him. I think everyone would question if its worth risking him in your defense at the highest level.

All of these players are great and have many redeeming qualities, no doubt about that. But how many can you risk having in your team? I think it's being very harsh, but at the same time it's very true that it's only a matter of time when you have that many on the pitch, and your chances are limited due to nature of the final stages. I kinda feel that this will be their undoing. I just can't think of any other top team I've ever seen where they have that many players who are just prone to fuck up or do dumb things.
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby Oriello » 2016 Apr 07, 21:20

Don't know if they would be considered a "top" team at the time, but Liverpool in 05-07 won and were runners-up with spastic players like Dudek, Baros, Djimi Traore, Sinama-Pongolle and later Momo Sissoko - not ideal at the highest level, but it can be done...I think that Gerrard counter balanced that with his amazing abilities and consistency...Ibra does that a bit with PSG (minus the drive) but he is such a crutch for PSG that you can afford to 'carry' some luxury players - especially since Ibra is a forward he is much more decisive to the scoreline than a Gerrard in midfield.
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby amine » 2016 Apr 07, 22:01

They tend to function well as a unit, which is the most important thing I guess.
Everyone has specific duties in the team and when a someone isn't doing his it show. Take Verratti's for example: he's out injured atm and Motta looks lost without him, he's leaving a huge gaps in the midfield time and time again because he's used to switch roles with Verratti. The defence is less protected and forwards are less supported because of this. If it wasn't for Ibra PSG would've lost the last couple games.

Blanc built this around his players weakness and when everyone is on point they barely show, but when they're not it leaves everyone exposed. You know... Murphy's law.
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby Ocrin » 2016 Apr 13, 09:49

Blanc's choices were poor last night. His coaching was bad (especially the Thiago Motta case), and he forced his players to play in another system when he has a system they know and play perfectly. This wasn't the right moment to do experiments.

Poor individual performances didn't help him as well; I'm looking at you, Serge.
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby Epsi » 2016 Apr 13, 11:33

did he played with 3-5-2? So weird
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby Oriello » 2016 Apr 13, 11:44

And he sucked his lollipop as usual in such a smug way, that only a French person could do. "Dis tacteecs arh simply chains on de soul of footbowl"
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby amine » 2016 Apr 13, 17:24

The weirdest part of the whole game was the Motta->Lucas substitution, especially when had Pastore available from the bench (which he did use later, but it was too late). Blanc was probably thinking about setting his team to counter and exploit City paper thin defence, but he ended up having so many players forward without someone to feed them balls besides van der Wiel and his shite crosses smh.

Both games were a complete clusterfuck defensively. Paris best asset, their midfield was missing and then they lost David who despite what many think is an essential piece of the team, especially in the build-up. Ibra can only do so much, when the rest isn't up to the task.

They're never gonna have a proper go at the CL without proper depth, they're starter are (mostly) world class, their bench on the other hand...
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Re: The PSG discussion thread

Postby Chenghis.Khan » 2016 Apr 14, 17:22

Bench is decent though, except for central midfield. Way too few Verrattis.

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