Jonathan David

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Jonathan David

Postby PES Stats Database » 2019 May 09, 22:09


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Re: Jonathan David

Postby Oriello » 2019 Jul 13, 17:06

Spoiler: show
Pic for first Post, did not find a good picof him at Genk.

Top Scorer of Gold Cup tournament with 6 goals in 4 games. Watched match highlights of him at Gent and from the full games at Gold Cup I would suggest;

Defence 49
Balance 79
Stamina 80
Acceleration 75
Response 75
Dribble Speed 76
Shot Accuracy 76
Shot Power 81
Header 78
Aggression 84
Weak Foot Accuracy 7

Defense Prowess: 49
Ball Winning: 55

Body Control: 70 (?)
Physical Contact: 79 (?)

Position WF (both sides)


[]Track Back Card (at least in Canadian system, did not see this for Gent)

Hard working forward, rounded skillset makes him versatile and can function in any role in attack. I find him a little slow on and off the ball in ACC, not really able to generate danger from stand still. Seemingly had a good season as a teen in Belgium.

Jonathan David 2019 Gold Cup plays; pounces on mistake, goal goal goal almost another, cleared off line, he was dribbler earns pk left foot goal his press wins ball and scores goal at end his press wins ball makes goal for Cavallini goal

In Belgium header header on crossbar header header left foot header denied, re-adjusts and scores anyway left goal

Nations League power
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Re: Jonathan David

Postby Oriello » 2019 Sep 24, 21:58

Chronological since Gold Cup, he has 9 goals in 14 matches (Blegium and Europa League); shot wide could not reach tap in dribbling run through centre and pass leads to PK assist assist goal run down wing and low cross shot off post assist goal top corner, starts deep wide and migrates centrally 1-touch pass around box, after this in highlights starts dribble in centre gets cut down goal, all alone cool 1v1 finish goal, breaks line and another smooth finish - both these goals vs AEK came in 90+ mins (just a not on energy considering his defensive game and floaty nature from AMF to in the box/on the line) pounces on errant pass and dribble from near own box down middle of whole pitch and assist GOOD STUFF footwork headed goal goal a little volley pounces on error in box but shoots high/wide with left foot pounces on rebound of saved freekick (outpaces/outmuscles opponent), cross is cut out, and later shanks shot goal , tap in wing dribble and takes time to pick out pass through opponents legs for teammate to be free backheel combo leads to PK wins ball in mid, turnover becomes an assist goal, headed tap in. Nice pace/dribble by #7 goal, what a power finish! shot wide "He finds space so cleverly" - I agree

From the previous suggestions I would maybe hold off on WFA raise and DS decrease. Aggression I am uncertain of since I don't see full matches for Genk so I can't know how he behaves over a full 90 spatially, seems pretty deep sometimes and others playing the line. Header is looking good, 78 maybe a litttle conservative.
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Re: Jonathan David

Postby Ocrin » 2020 Feb 29, 17:23

He's looking very good, very complete, he's the epitome of an SS with his movement between the lines and conservative aggression. He really could develop into a Firmino-type of player, perhaps a bit more attacking-minded with his heading and overall attacking ability. A very exciting prospect and definitely ready for a bigger league.
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Re: Jonathan David

Postby Adrien » 2020 Aug 11, 20:28

So he officialy joining LIlle for 30M (their highest transfert in their history) to replace Osmihen who is going to Napoli. He is show as very promissing, exciting to see it.
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