Tomás Rincón

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Tomás Rincón

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Sep 11, 14:46

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Re: Tomás RINCÓN

Postby Malakayi » 2012 Sep 13, 01:19

I support that. :)

Now that you say it, Kvist's Technique sure should come up a few points^^
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Re: Tomás Rincón

Postby Diego » 2013 Mar 23, 02:45

He has missed out many NT matches due to suspensions, injuries, etc. but from what I can tell, this set kinda depicts him imo.

From my recollection of him, I think he is:
-He is all about commitment and hardwork
-Really strong for an 175 cm guy
-Decent technically
-Un-special off the ball movement
-Conservative playing the ball.

The set got those represented alright, kudos, by now, I am just sure about him needing lower Ds, like 77 or something like that.
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Re: Tomás Rincón

Postby mr.Boss » 2013 Dec 14, 19:53

What do you think for adding SB ? Played today against Bayern as a SB,even transfermarkt says that ha can play there ... 75942.html
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Re: Tomás Rincón

Postby Vickingo » 2016 Jun 14, 13:01

I'm impressed about this guy...he looks so complete at nt...imo he's the best Copa America so far. His tenacity and stamina are just great and his technical abilities -despite not seem so shinny- are more than decent. He's like a talisman in terms of tenacity, he's always looking for the ball and running to spaces...also making some nice dribbles here and there. Sinceraly I'm impressed from a time to now with him at nt.
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Re: Tomás Rincón

Postby lito5 » 2016 Jun 21, 00:52

Is necessary to raise the mentality +2 is tireless and a combo of 87 sTaY be represented MENT 86 perfectamenteen the game and his fighting spirit could also upload your DA +1 ( 79 ) dribble shown a very nice and good ability to keep the ball and SPA up to the 80 is ver y good passer SPS up to te 79 he used good fast pass in short space he is a player strong with ver y good tecnique effective and is a big big leader
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Re: Tomás Rincón

Postby Romanist10 » 2016 Dec 24, 14:49

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Re: Tomás Rincón

Postby Epsi » 2016 Dec 29, 12:11

Under medicals for Juve:

Spoiler: show

He'll never be another Vidal, but he's a good hound for the midfield... I don't think he'll change something in Juve's midfield balance..
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Re: Tomás Rincón

Postby Vickingo » 2016 Dec 29, 13:03

Glad to see him jump to a big team but sadly I don't think he'll play that much as he deserves. His level at nt was just brilliant last year and it's a good thing Venezuela now have some players in Europe, and in important teams. I don't want him to be benched a lot cause he's a player who needs continuity.
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Re: Tomás Rincón

Postby Basilio » 2017 Feb 08, 19:39

For being a technically limited player, he has a very astute game in possession, making good support and good simple passing decisions, unlike Sturaro. Also played some nice long passes so far
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