Dawid Kownacki

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Dawid Kownacki

Postby PES Stats Database » 2014 Apr 20, 12:13



Spoiler: show
http://ekstraklasa.tv/wideo,172/gol-teo ... 5,806213,v
http://ekstraklasa.tv/wideo,172/gol-wol ... 1,861713,v
http://ekstraklasa.tv/wideo,172/strzal- ... a,958081,v

Kownacki - one of bigger talents amongst polish strikers. First we hear about him in 2011 when Kownacki scored 5 goals in two games against U-15 Germany. His strong points are finishing, mobility and speed. Big lacks in strenght and stamina. Style: often goes to side away from CBs; always searching of free space on pitch.

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Re: Dawid Kownacki

Postby Mistrzu16 » 2017 May 04, 11:39

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Re: Dawid Kownacki

Postby Oriello » 2017 Dec 02, 05:27

Just seen the highlights of Sampdoria 4-1 Pescara in the Coppa Italia, this Kownacki guy looks to have had an incredible game.


0:14 1st goal
0:38 Great volley over the top to put a forward on goal, using weaker left foot
0:51 Good cross from wing for assist
3:05 Powerful goal from the right wing, just blasts it past the keeper

wears 99...Milik better watch out there is a new young stud in Italy...maybe he will be spokesman for Grinder...
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Re: Dawid Kownacki

Postby Oriello » 2018 Feb 03, 19:05

Some notes from tonight;

Molinaro 182 cm (Header 66, Jump 76) matched him on all (3 or 4) but one highball and manged to keep him from being an aerial threat despite Kownacki's height advantage.

To me Kownacki looks a bit faster over long distance than in short distances, ACC could be lower this, struggles with the ball in small spaces.

Very sloppy touch on one occasion recieving a hard ground pass, ball bounced up 3 feet, needed two more touches to control.

Another good swift cross for Quagriella from the right. Flat trajectory though meant it was difficult for Quag to claim it - resulted in foul when challenging for the ball.
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Re: Dawid Kownacki

Postby KeyserSoze » 2019 May 14, 23:15

He looks way more comfortable at Düsseldorf than at Samp, even if he doesn't perform well in a consistent basis. At Düsseldorf he's taking a few extra duties other than poaching. He seems to be have some potential as an inner striker from the left flank, cutting inside. He obviously has some flaws when playing in a non natural position for him. But still, you can see he has the skill to generate some danger filling that role.
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