Joris Mathijsen | 2008-2010

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Joris Mathijsen | 2008-2010

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Jun 18, 12:54

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Re: Joris MATHIJSEN | 2008-2010

Postby mcmattie » 2012 Jun 22, 23:20

Thanks for adding the set. :)
Back in that time he was one of the players that was never injured and few people played more matches in a year than him. So Injury should be A and condition 8. I believe he also had these values in that time. And perhaps a bit higher stamina.
His resp and ment should also be higher back then.
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Re: Joris MATHIJSEN | 2008-2010

Postby Korinov » 2012 Jun 22, 23:34

IT: A and Condition 8 could be a possibility. Not so sure about Response, Stamina nor Mentality. As far as I'm concerned he's never been a very energetic defender so there shouldn't be any need for a very good Stamina value. In regards to Response and Mentality... I don't really know him very well from those years, but Konami never gave him more than green response and he's never looked like a very responsive guy to me (usually waits in the back line instead of moving forwards to try interceptions). Dunno about Mentality. Any more thoughts about this?
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Re: Joris MATHIJSEN | 2008-2010

Postby jupes » 2013 Apr 21, 17:21

It is curious to me that he would be less responsive in his prime years, than currenty (according to the most recent set).

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