Hector CHUMPITAZ | 1970-1975

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Hector CHUMPITAZ | 1970-1975

Postby electric_trigger » 2009 May 08, 23:07

Name: Héctor Eduardo Chumpitaz González

Nickname: "El Capitán de America" ("America's Captain") | "Granítico"


Club: Universitario Deportes
Number: 6
Position: *CB
Nationality: Peruvian _per
Age: 25-30 (12/04/1943)
Era: 1970/1975

Foot: R
Side: B

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 71 kg

Attack: 62
Defence: 94
Balance: 84
Stamina: 86
Top Speed: 86
Acceleration: 88
Response: 92
Agility: 86
Dribble Accuracy: 76
Dribble Speed: 76
Short Pass Accuracy: 78
Short Pass Speed: 76
Long Pass Accuracy: 78
Long Pass Speed: 76
Shot Accuracy: 78
Shot Power: 90
Shot Technique: 79
Free Kick Accuracy: 85
Curling: 67
Header: 85
Jump: 88
Technique: 88
Aggression: 86
Mentality/Tenacity: 94
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 82

Injury Tolerance: B
Form/Condition/Fitness: 8
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 5
Consistency: 7
Growth type: Standard/Lasting

P08: Pinpoint Pass
P13: Long Ranger
P18: Extra Attacker
S07: Man Marking
S09: Covering
S10: DF Leader

*Middle Shooting
*D-Line Control

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Balanced


Hector Chumpitaz is one of Peru’s most recognized footballer player, was known for his great technique, his leadership, his organization ability on the field, A strong reader of the game with excellent ball skills and distribution. He marshaled a capable defense to support Peru’s attack led by Teofilo Cubillas. Chumpitaz was the selected captain of the American continent's team in 1973. He was an impressive defender-scoring with 74 goals in 530 career matches. Chumpitaz is considered one of the greatest south American defenders of all-time and was named to the list of best World Cup players of all time by Terra.com in 2006. He was elected the 35th best South american footballer of the 20th century in a poll by the IFFHS in 2000.



http://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/showpost ... tcount=155



http://fourfourtwo.com/blogs/championsl ... mmers.aspx

http://www.worldfootball.net/spieler_pr ... chumpitaz/

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Re: Hector CHUMPITAZ | 1970-1975

Postby electric_trigger » 2010 Sep 27, 12:50

I read above that Chumpitaz deserved Red for defence, in terms of ladders I would have to agree though he was not behind Figueroa as the best South American Defender of all time but Jose Santamaria also.

n terms of their overall game, My Top 10 All Time South American defenders.

Elias Figueroa
Jose Santamaria
Hector Chumpitaz
Daniel Passarella
Domingo Da Guia
Luis Pereira
Oscar Ruggeri
Roberto Matosas
Roberto Ayala

So does he deserve a RED? Which is reserved for the all time greats? Who else is better in World Football Legend from around the world excluding South America?

Beckenbauer? Baresi? Bobby Moore? DeSailly? Scirea? Nesta? Cannavaro? I am looking at his rating now, 94 is where I'm at the moment. ;)

Beckenbauer, Moore, Baresi are in a class of their own.


Looked on the site at defensive ratings...

Beckenbauer - 93
Santamaria - 93
Passarella - 94
Moore - 95
Desailly - 90
Forster -90
Figueroa - 97
Baresi - 98
Scirea - 94
Cannavaro -97

Considering the subjective nature of stat making, my Hector seems to have a good defense rating. He could come up to 94 and someone nudge Passarella down to 93 or keep Passarella the same after all it's 1 point. Looking at the stats the ratings for the greats I would say someone needs to nudge Moore and Santamaria up! I think Chumpitaz moving from 92-94 is a good move and will be done. Chumpitaz was a great player but not RED as in Moore, Baresi, Figueroa, Cannavaro and I think Nesta whose stats I could not link to. Santamaria is under rated on this site.


zguc wrote:My opinion is that DEF certainly should be 94 if not 95, as far as RES I would not go with the value in red I think his DEF to be greater than RES, the current value seems small, but it certainly deserves a 92/93.
Jump was also his strong arms but I would not have given him such great value that I would'd put about 90/91

DEF 94
RES 92
JUM 90

Have raised DEF 92 > 94 and Response 90 > 92

Chumpitaz great as he was is not a RED.
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Re: Hector CHUMPITAZ | 1970-1975

Postby manoloxcr17 » 2010 Sep 27, 17:52

Yes, my point is that Passarella wasn't close to Chumpitaz's sense of positioning. I mean, that in this site Passarella is rated with a 94, so my point is that if Passarella keeps the 94 "Chumpi" deserves at least a 95.
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Re: Hector CHUMPITAZ | 1970-1975

Postby Brezza » 2010 Sep 27, 18:32

i think lowering Passerella's defence would be the better option . Perhaps to a 92, the same as Classic Puyol? They both had a similar agressive marking style you were talking about in his thread which can lead to making a few mistakes.

Im not convinced that Chumpitaz should have higher shooting abilities than him though.
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Re: Hector CHUMPITAZ | 1970-1975

Postby manoloxcr17 » 2010 Sep 27, 19:23

I agree with Passarella's defence been reduce to 92.

I think they both have similar shooting abilities, but, of course, Pasarrella has better atacking positioning than Chumpitaz.
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Re: Hector CHUMPITAZ | 1970-1975

Postby John1 » 2012 Feb 04, 03:52

This Peruvian was a brilliant player, but certainly not the third best in SA. The top four should be easily Elias, Passarella, Nasazzi and Santamaria.....behind these pillars would be Chumpi alongside Luis Pereyra, Domingos da Guia, Perfumo, Ramos Delgado, Ancheta and Gamarra

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