Ricardo Pavoni | 1972-1975

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Ricardo Pavoni | 1972-1975

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Sep 24, 17:33

Club: Club Atlético Independiente


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Ricardo Elvio Pavoni Cúneo (born July 8, 1943 in Montevideo) is an Uruguayan former football (soccer) defender who played the majority of his career for Club Atlético Independiente in the Argentine First Division.


Elvio Pavoni was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and began his footballing career with the Montevidean club Defensor. Disillusioned with life as a footballer, he was on the point of abandoning the game completely and going to work in a casino as a croupier until he was convinced to play football for Independiente of Argentina. Undeniably one of Independiente's all-time stars, the left-sided full-back has been described as a natural leader and the perfect man-marker. He was also responsible for scoring 57 goals.

He arrived to Independiente at age 21 to replace Tomás Rolan, another Uruguayan who had suffered a serious injury. No-one could have predicted that Pavoni would make people forget about Rolan and would be part of one of the most memorable periods in the club's history. His first match for Independiente was on March 24, 1965 in a Copa Libertadores match. Independiente beat Boca Juniors by two goals to nil.

For twelve seasons (1965–1976) he was idolised by the Independiente fans. He was particularly remembered for his powering runs along the left wing, putting away free kicks with his left foot and for his frequent last-ditch efforts to clear the ball from the goal-line. He is considered by many to be the archetypal Uruguayan footballer.

Pavoni (affectively known as "el Chivo") won many honours during his career, including the Argentine first division championships three times, the Copa Libertadores 5 times, the Copa Interamericana on three occasions and one Copa Intercontinental. He was also a member of the Uruguayan squad that took part in the World Cup of 1974, in West Germany. Since retirement, he has been involved with the club as a trainer with reserve and youth teams. He has also been caretaker manager of the first team on several occasions.

_uru Uruguay - 13 appearances | 2 goals

_uru 1960-1964 Defensor Sporting
_arg 1965–1976 Independiente 423 appearances | 57 goals

_arg Nacional 1967
_arg Metropolitano 1970
_arg Metropolitano 1971

International Club Competitions:
1965 - Copa Libertadores de América
1965 - Copa Libertadores de América
1965 - Copa Interamericana
1965 - Copa Libertadores de América
1965 - Intercontinental Cup
1965 - Copa Interamericana
1965 - Copa Libertadores de América
1965 - Copa Libertadores de América
1965 - Copa Interamericana


I put here 3 videos. The 1st the penalty that he missed vs Boca (showed his strength in the shoot, may be isn't the best example but it's the only demonstration in youtube). The second one at minute 5 approximately is his goal in WC 1974 with Uruguay vs Bulgaria. And the 3° are 35 mins of Ajax-Independiente final in 1972 where you can watch his performance vs that excellent team.






Spoiler: show
Pavoni, the great 70's captain, it's the best way that I can describe. A total leader of the team, captain of those wonderful team which won 4 consecutive Libertadores Cup and defeated Juventus 1-0 in Italy in Intercontinental Cup. This guy was a temperamental defender, leader of all the team and obviously of the defence. He was a hard defender, he was (as my dad said) more worried about his defensive position than go to attack, BUT when he has to did it, he did it in a more than decent way (look at his goal in WC 1974 in Uruguay 1 - Bulgaria 1). Because of this reason, he was characteristized by great qualities in attack, but his support to the team in attacking movements was more than decent, doing good combinations with his teammates and pulling the team from the deep since the first minute, commanding the team in difficult moments and ordening the whole team with his shouts everytime; very similar (but 10 years before) to Trossero's TW/MENT despite having different positions.

About his positioning in defence was more than good to be a LB, he was a really hardworker marking, very difficult to pass to any opponent, and typical uruguayan's style in this, with a lot of pressure in the marking, being "annoying", and when he had to "go for all" with his foot, he didn't doubt it, or pass the ball or the opponent, not both at the same time. He had a tiny body, but wait, his strenght was awesome, just with look his type of muscle you'll realize how "rock" he was about his physique, I assigned him a well value in this to compensate his lack of speed (his final speed wasn't good, but decent to the era and type of football but his first sprint was terrible, really slow), agility (normal number, neither a rock to move, nor a super quickly movements).

About technical abilities there isn't too much to say, an average player with good intentions but doesn't gifted in this aspects. He tried always to look for a better technical teammate (Bochini, Pastoriza, etc) and make an accurate pass to them, this must be the best in his technical aspects, secure passes; but I have to discriminate better his long passes, he was capable to does it in a good way and more than accuracy he looked for speed and not being intercepted. His 1st touch was quite decent, an average player in this, capable to stop the balls from the air and in difficult status of the field, but not more than that, enough to his role in the team: receive the ball, stop it, look up his view and find a teammate and try an accurate/fast pass or a long pass to the WF. About his dribble, was decent too, an average dribbler also, capable to carry the ball from deep, pass the midfield and try to combinate with his teammates in attacking movements, very difficult watch him avoiding opponents, he used his dribble to carry the ball and nothing more...with decent speed, doesn't lose too much his low speed in his dribble.

Despite being a LB who doesn't try too much in attack during the match, he was an excellent shooter. 57 goals is a really good number for this type of defender who doesn't pass to much in attack movements. He was in charge of penalties during the first "Golden era" of Independiente, and he has a good record (just the video that I left is one that he missed in 1976 against Boca :?, but was an exception). He based his shooting abilities in his power with his foot, comparable with Trossero but not at that level, Enzo was a better shooter for sure; he made goals in penalties, so I assigned him the card/special abilty. Also scored in gameplays going ahead by his side and trying a powerful left shoot from distance, and are remembered a lot of goals in this way, but I think that's too much assign him Long Ranger.

There's a distintion in his style of playing: He was AMAZING saving goals in the line. All said that and A LOT of times during the match he had the ability to posicionate himself when the ball was going to the goal and save it with spectacular movements.

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