Herbert WIMMER | 1970-1976

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Herbert WIMMER | 1970-1976

Postby warriorism » 2011 Mar 15, 19:06

Name: Herbert Wimmer

Nickname: "Hacki" | "Iron Lung"

"He runs and runs and runs."

Club: Borussia Mönchengladbach
Number: 6 (1972 & 1976 Euro) | 7 (1974 World Cup)
Position: *WF, SMF, CMF, DMF
Nationality: German _ger
Age: 25-31 (09/11/1944)
Era: 1970/1976

Foot: R
Side: B

Height: 179 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Attack: 75
Defence: 70
Balance: 83
Stamina: 95
Top Speed: 90
Acceleration: 84
Response: 88
Agility: 80
Dribble Accuracy: 81
Dribble Speed: 86
Short Pass Accuracy: 88
Short Pass Speed: 85
Long Pass Accuracy: 78
Long Pass Speed: 84
Shot Accuracy: 75
Shot Power: 83
Shot Technique: 78
Free Kick Accuracy: 68
Curling: 77
Header: 81
Jump: 78
Technique: 86
Aggression: 78
Mentality/Tenacity: 94
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 90

Injury Tolerance: B
Form/Condition/Fitness: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 6
Consistency: 7
Growth type: Standard/Lasting

P02: Anchor Man
P04: Darting Run
P08: Box to Box
P12: Enforcer
S09: Covering

P04: Anchor Man
P06: Speed Merchant
P10: Box to Box
P14: Enforcer
S09: Covering


PES 2011 / 2010 Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Balanced


One of the most strangest converted players. Herbert Wimmer the Belgium born was one of the Borussia Mgladbach youth product that heating the rivalry against their long timer nemesis Muenchen. As young he attract the attention as a tireless runner that never stops until the referee blow whistle.

As time decreased he became the 'water carrier', as Cantona said about Deschamp... He was the long-timer 'carrier' to the more technical Netzer that was the star of the team that he defensively doing Netzer (later Overath) dirty work when stalling opposition midfield advance while on position he distributing to the playmaker, as it came the role as 'bumper playmaker' i said because when Netzer/Overath was away from position he cover it & distribute his precise passes.

His spartan style of play became favorite and earn respect by his team both in Gladbach or German national tim that even his coach was made him as an example of the hardworker for his teammates.


Spoiler: show
1. About his convert position:
Starting as winger forward he mostly operating on the right side that became his sacred region, as his keen reading of game situation was discovered later by his coach whose decided to using his superb reaction to screen the defense and became the first wall on the midfield.

Later its convertion as right-side midfielder enforcer has proved successful.

I watched his match that he was great in his response to intercept as midfielder. Maybe on par of top class defender.

Keep in mind that he still has a good technique on dribbling as an ex-forward that proving he was more than 'water carrier'.

Winger offender--->Midfield breaker.

2. Info stats:

Attack & Aggression
As a forward he was prolific goalscorer although he must give this role to the more dreader side attacker such as Siegfried Held, Uli Hoeness, Breitner. As much I feel confusing that PES nowadays still didn't perfect enough to describe extreme player like this because in his defensive role he was a deep-sitting anchorman, so i gave 75 on attack and relatively low Aggression for a winger to be fair.

Defense & Response
Good enough as a first to came to defend he deserve 70 that as midfielder he is hard enough to beat, his reaction was monstrous that helping his defense aspect.

Solid passer from the deep that consistent distributer... From his deep right position he has freedom to exploit his pass whether to the center to Netzer nor to side that Sigi Held was waiting. His crossing was normal.

Dribbling & Speed
Decent dribbling that he mostly overpowering his enemy by his boar-like running. Rarely do a tricky dribble but his straight dribble was accurate enough.

Mentality & Stamina
He excelled greatly over other players in this aspect... Maybe one of his tips was he start the game for low tempo & pragmatic but it progressively became a monstrous running machine & his aggresivnes was increased drastically in the half of match until the end... Strangely this is how the German play during 1950s until 1980s as I watch how mostly their play.

3. Card Explanation/his style of play:

He was purely classic P02: Anchor Man that sitting in the depth, although this role was taken by the more harder DMF Rainer Bonhof in 1974 mostly even when Beckenbauer running tu the forward they meet closely many times so that Beckenbauer was became his alternative 'victim' of his P06: Pinpoint Pass whether he take the different route from Netzer or Overath on the center whether Sig held or Breitner on the side.

And next we come to S09: Covering he coming to cover Beckenbauer & Netzer 'hole' alternatively when they comes forward, sometimes he cover Breitner in the right when Der Afro was forwarding.

4. Honours:

1974 FIFA World Cup winner
UEFA Euro 1972 winner
UEFA Euro 1976 runner-up
European Cup runner-up: 1977
UEFA Cup winner: 1975
UEFA Cup finalist: 1973
Bundesliga champion: 1970, 1971, 1975, 1976, 1977
Bundesliga runner-up: 1974, 1978
DFB-Pokal winner: 1973









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Re: Herbert WIMMER | 1970-1976

Postby Brezza » 2011 Mar 19, 17:25

Now this is the level of description I like to see. Kudos ;)

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