Gunnar Nordahl | 1949-1955

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Gunnar Nordahl | 1949-1955

Postby Moysís » 2016 Nov 12, 20:59

Club: A.C. Milan

Nickname: "Il Pompiere" | "Il Cannoniere" | "Il Bisonte"


Era: 50's
Name: Nils Gunnar Nordahl
Shirt Name: Nordahl
Number: 9
Positions: CF

Nationality: Swedish _swe
Age: 29

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 90 kg

Injury Tolerance: A
Foot: R
Side: B

Attack: 97
Defence: 32
Balance: 95
Stamina: 77
Top Speed: 83
Acceleration: 85
Response: 93
Agility: 72
Dribble Accuracy: 76
Dribble Speed: 80
Short Pass Accuracy: 73
Short Pass Speed: 70
Long Pass Accuracy: 68
Long Pass Speed: 69
Shot Accuracy: 94
Shot Power: 91
Shot Technique: 93
Free Kick Accuracy: 73
Curling: 61
Header: 88
Jump: 78
Technique: 77
Aggression: 95
Mentality: 81
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 76

Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 7
Weak Foot Frequency: 7
Growth type: Early/Lasting

S01 - Marauding
S03 - 1-on-1 Finish
S05 - 1-Touch Play
P13 - Goal Poacher

1-1 Scoring
1-ouch Pass


Explanations about stats.

Spoiler: show
Attack must be highly rated looking at him like a one of the most successful scorers in the history of football or just like so dangerous attacker who converts any possible situation in goal. He was extremely danger in front of opponent area, with fantastic positioning and sense to be on the right place converting to the goal everything what falls on the field. Here he should be among all greatest strikers through the all decades of football. Nordahl was really strong player, bulky, but so stable on the feet, strong in any terms of play, both in the air and on the field, or in famous strong challenges when comes close to opponent. Red value here for BB is unquestionable. Concerning STA value, well, he was decently active in or around opponent area always looking for receiving ball for realizing a chance to score or making short simple one touch passes with teammates. Nothing special, but wasn't static center forward without any movements on the field. Something around mid green is enough here. About speed stats, I'd to say it's surely one of his stronger side in the game. His burst was really good for player of such a physique. Both, with or without ball he was pretty fast to catch the ball or make solo runs where he has knew solve action alone after fast run with ball at feet. Mid yellow value for TS/ACC ratio is fair rated as well with DS 80 to reflect not losing speed in his runs. He was direct player without any moves during run, so I think there is no need for higher value in AGI from mid white. DA is enough on low green just to reflect his decent control on the ball, but his dribblings were mostly successful thanks to his combination of amazing physique presence and good speed on/off the ball. Shooting stats are the main things in his play, he possessed everything on it, accuracy, power and technique. He has knew makes great placement on the ball, sometimes he just smashed the ball or made fantastic volleys where he was very atractive, both from the ground or in the air. I wouldn't put any of these attributes on the red since he didn't differ too much in any kind of shots, he was just so complete in shooting. Gunnar was pretty good in heading, good numbers of goals he has scored with head, that wasn't his main strenght but when he came in situation to score with head he was so danger and successful. Keeping him on high yellow is fair enoguh since he didn't used too much leap to score with head, just good positioning and good timing to come on crosses and realize situation in penalty area. AGG must be in red in combo with ATT, he always tries to come forward, looking always for any situation on the field to beat keeper, pretty resolute and decisive in solving actions. Raptorial and always hungry for goals. Mentaly strong player, long-time captain in Milan, I think low yellow value is ok here, nothing more, since his complete presence on the field talks more than enough about him as a player.


Gunnar Nordahl was a legendary Swedish forward. Nordahl is considered to be one of the greatest Swedish football players of all-time, and regarded as one of the best strikers in football history. A true football icon. Highly prolific, powerful, and physically strong striker, with an eye for goal, he is best known for his spell at A.C. Milan from 1949 to 1956, in which he won the Scudetto twice, and also the title of pluricapocannoniere, with an unprecedented five top scorer (Capocannonieri) awards, more than any other player in the history of the Italian championship. Nordahl is Milan’s all-time record goalscorer, and he long held the record for most goals for a single club in the history of Italian league, before being surpassed by Francesco Totti on January 2012.

Nordahl started out at Hörnefors IF in Sweden before moving to first Degerfors IF and then IFK Norrköping. He won four Swedish championships with Norrköping and once scored seven goals in one game. During his time in Swedish clubs, Nordahl scored 149 goals in 172 matches. Nordahl transferred to A.C. Milan on 22 January 1949. Later, he would team up with his national team strike partners, Gunnar Gren and Nils Liedholm to form the renowned Gre-No-Li trio. Playing eight seasons with Milan, he is Serie A's multi-top-scorer a record five times (1949–50, 1950–51, 1952–53, 1953–54 and 1954–55). Nordahl is also Milan's all-time top-scorer, with 210 league goals. Nordahl held the second-highest Serie A goalscorer of all time, with 225 goals in 291 matches. Only Silvio Piola have scored more goals in that division, until Francesco Totti surpassed him on March 2013.[9] That makes Nordahl the top goalscorer among non-Italian players, and he is also the most efficient goalscorer goals in Serie A ever with 0.77 goals/match.

After leaving Milan, Nordahl played for Roma for two seasons. Nordahl's record for most goals scored in Serie A (not including Divisione Nazionale, before Serie A was installed) of 35 in 1949–50 in a season was broken by Gonzalo Higuaín in the 2015–16 season who scored 36. Nordahl, together with the mentioned Gre-No-Li is today legendary in Milan. When Milan striker Andriy Shevchenko scored his 100 goal in Serie A for Milan, it is said that some old Milanese supporters commented: "Well he can double that number, and then add another 26, then, and just then, he has passed Il Cannoniere."

Nordahl was first called up to the Swedish national team in 1945. In 1948, he helped Sweden to win the Olympic football tournament, becoming the tournament's top scorer on the way. The Swedish team also included his brothers Bertil and Knut Nordahl. Nordahl's transfer to Milan forced him to retire from the national team, as the rules at the time prevented professionals from the Swedish national team, being not called to 1950 FIFA World Cup along his fellows Gren and Liedholm. In his 33 matches in the national team, he scored a total of 43 goals.

In 1967 he became coach of Norrköping, agonisingly missing out on the title again in 1968 when Norrköping were one of four teams who finished the season level on points, finishing third on goal difference. The following season brought the only major trophy on Nordahl's coaching career when he led Norrköping to victory in the Swedish Cup, beating AIK 1-0 in the final. Through the 1970s Nordahl moved around a number of clubs including AIK, before ending his career in 1980 after a brief return to Norrköping. After returning to spend his later years in Italy, he died in September 1995, aged 73. ... rdahl.html ... ahl-gunnar ... ofile.html


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