Garrincha | 1958-1962

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Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 10, 18:23

Nicknames: "The Little Bird" | "Alegria do Povo" ("Joy of the People") | "Anjo de Pernas Tortas" ("Angel with Bent Legs")

Club: Botafogo

Growth type: Standard/Lasting


Spoiler: show
“The Little Bird” Garrincha is regarded as the greatest winger and one of the greatest dribblers the world has ever seen. Many eminent football historians in Brazil and around the world refer to him being at least the equal of Pelé , was rated by many as the second greatest Brazilian footballer of all-time. He grew up in poverty with high right leg 6 cm shorter than the left. Rather than shying away from soccer after a childhood illness left his right leg bowing inward while the left bowed outward, he developed a devastating body swerve that mocked his body’s special anatomy. As a right-winger, He was known for his remarkable ball control, imagination, acceleration, crossing, dribbling skills and ability to create something from nothing, He also possessed a ferocious shot with either foot and was a gifted dead ball specialist known for free kicks and corners taken with the outside of his foot, Garrincha’s best career highlight was happened in World Cup 1962 which he could fulfill Brazilian after Pele was out of tournament because of injury. For his all matches in World Cup, Brazil only lost one match with him on the pitch. He was voted 8th and 20th the greatest footballer of the century from IFFHS and World Soccer’s poll, respectively, was voted 6th the best player in world cup history by France Football.


Campeonato Carioca: 1957, 1961, 1962
Torneio Rio-São Paulo: 1962, 1964, 1966

50 Caps 12 Goals
FIFA World Cup winner: 1958, 1962
O'Higgins Cup winner: 1955, 1959, 1961
Oswaldo Cruz Cup: 1958, 1961, 1962
Roca Cup: 1960

World Cup top scorer: 1962 (tied)
World Cup Player of the Tournament: 1962
World Soccer Player of the Year: 1962
Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame
World Cup All-Time Team: 1994
FIFA World Team of The Century: 1998


Spoiler: show

ADDITIONAL LINKS: ... incha.html

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Re: Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby JeffVR98 » 2017 Sep 21, 15:00

I agree with you in that, he is not worth of red numbers in DA, why that, mostly because with that numbers he will do things that will reflect the Maradona style, with 98 in-game he will do so great close controls that in real life he won't do.

Probably this was the number (98-99) people had since ancient times in forums since 2005-2006, surely they thought this: "the skill is called Dribble Accuracy, so let's put an extremely high value on the player who is named one or maybe the best dribbler of all time" , in-game red numbers is synonymous of do things that Maradona will do, in fact garrincha playstyle was "attract the defender to the side of the field, and began his circus show, doing many body feints, tricks that confuse the defenders, who at that time were not very good, here matthews is value with 88, the truth I could only bear to see a minute of video about it really awfull defenders, for my Garrincha should be valued at an average of 88-90, you do not need more DA, with the current ACC and AGI your can perfectly replicate his style in the game.

This is what Garrincha will do (Damn Ronnie with 95kg and he is still fucking good)

In some point Garrincha do this

A contemporary example
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Re: Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby Turambur » 2017 Oct 23, 19:43

He looks like Neymar, the young Neymar, all abaout boddy feint, AGI, ACC. When he tries to dribble he always loses control. Maybe one the best about feinting, but in pure close control he is far away from RED. you won't see him going in front of goal dribbling two or three players, he is always in the right side of the pitch, passing with the same trick and putting a long ball in the area. It's easy to see the diference about pure DA, just see a full match of Brazil in 1962 and compare Pele and him. Pele with 95 in DA is passing everyone, playing in the middle, in front of goal, and him in as a wingger. I think this is the best example when we compare the difference between pure close control and the mix of acceleration, agility and explosive power.

I I really do not know the exact number I would put, something in between mid-high yellow (88-89?)
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Re: Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby JoseH_90` » 2017 Nov 26, 17:58

Any update with this??
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Re: Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby bruno bronze » 2018 Jul 21, 17:18

Just found this on Youtube ( ), the quality is pretty good. Here we can see Garrincha doing his trick tons of times, a stepover with his excellent acceleration and a cross (most were decent). He really isn't worth such high da, id stay with 87-88. Another point, for me his lpa just isn't so high, while he really managed to make trully grat crosses sometimes, he also atempted tons of those with his trademark play, i would lower it to 90 at most, maybe even lower. Another point i've seen in this set that is debatable is his condition/fitness, i think it could go up by 1 or 2 points, he really was at his peak and performed really well during this era, both for the NT and botafogo.
I am Brazilian and I am not good with English, soo, sorry for any mistake.
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Re: Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby Turambur » 2019 Sep 18, 20:21

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Re: Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby Turambur » 2019 Sep 18, 20:21

It´s been a long time since I wanted to write that. The other day I was re-watching the games of Brazil in the WC 62, and focused on Garrincha, Nilton, Djalma, Vava and Zagallo.
I will start with Mane. In the past I wanted to downgrade his DA to 88 because of his styleor something like that, I had the impression that he only knew to do the same trick (that famouse feint to the right), and he could easily do that with 88. I was wrong, very wrong.

In my defense I can say that back then I was playing PES15, when someone with high EP can do that feint and no matter the DA. Now I am playing PES13 since the last year and the thingsare differt. But more importat is that I was looking ONLY at his DA and not the WHOLE set, how stats worck together.

Watching the 7 matches available from the WCs 58 and 62, and some videos of him (it is a that there are not matches from Botafogo), and compearing him with other playeres from that era and similar players from nowdays, my view of him is far different.

Yes, he attemps so much to stop and feint to the right. And Yes, that feint was more about ACC and AGI (or EP in PES13) than DA. But it is not true that he only do that feint. Garrincha could drible two and even three players in a row. The thing is that Garrincha was phisicaly so weak, was short, had no mentality, no stamina, his game was all about avoid physical challenges and go forward. In the past I compared him with Pelé because of how he could dribble in the middle two or tree players like it was all about DA, and thats not true.
Yes, Pelé is worty of 94-95 in DA, BUT he is got 85 in BB, 86 in TS and 99 in ATK etc, that makes him unstopable. Mané would fall in the first contact, wasn´t fast enogh to leave defenders behind, so his greathest weapons were his DA, AGI and ACC. Was he wort of such numbers? I say
NO. Was his DA as "LOW" as 88? No way. When I say that his DA would be ok at 88, Neymar was 87 and Matthews was 88. If DA is the ability to keep possession under presure or when the player is in the run, then Matthews is ok at 95 for me (Some may say that he was not spectacular enoght to deserve it, but DA is not about the trick, you can give Tricker and all the index cards and the player will be a showman, even with 80 in DA), and Ney at 93. High DA doesn´t
mean that the player never will lose the ball, it is more about what the player can show.

Whell, said that, Mané was certainly not worty of 98 in DA, but I am ok with something in the 94-95 area, I found his stile similar to Ortega, but more incisive, both are short of height and with low BB, MEN and TW. You can see them both falling all the time, but the DA was there.
BUT if what I whant to say is, Does he really deserve 99 in AGI and 97 in ACC? Been reading a good discussion between HERE about ACC between Giggs and Romario and I don't think that Garrincha can sit on 97 in ACC when someone like Giggs is in 92-93 and Romario in 95. If we compare him with someone of his same era, Pelé sits on 92, and yes, Man´s ACC was better than him, but 5 points (tree on red) is overrated.

The other point was his AGI. He was clearly betther than no-one of his era when we talk about that, but players played slower than nowdays. The only two players I found with 98-99 in AGI are Ortega and young Messi, and both look better than him. With 73 in BB and
his short height, 96-97 would be more than ok
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Re: Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby VUKDS » 2020 Apr 19, 00:09

These dribbling skills are way too much. It makes him be a totally different kind of player - Messi esque. In reality, he was trickster and player who tends to slow down and beat the opponent based on the first step. He didn't use his DS at all. His close control wasn't a big part of his game and he didn't have such a refined close control. Same goes to Agility.

His DA is 88 max, it could be even lower. I have his DS on 78. Agility should be something like 89.



Speed Merchant
Mazing Run
Shoulder feint skills
Flicking Skills

SPA is also way too high, some other things as well. I will provide more suggestions in the following days
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Re: Garrincha | 1958-1962

Postby VUKDS » 2020 Apr 22, 11:37

Attack 90
Defence 25
BB 68
Stamina 73
TS 80
ACC 97
Response 65
Agility 89
DA 88
DS 78
SPA 72
SPS 64
LPA 81
LPS 68
SP 85
ST 83
FKA 80
Curling 86
Header 73
Jump 84
Ball Control 93
Aggressio 92
Mentality 70
Gks 50
Teamwork 66

Moysis and I were watching him, here's what we've got

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