Bruno Gaspar

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Bruno Gaspar

Postby PES Stats Database » 2015 Apr 13, 19:38


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Re: Bruno Gaspar

Postby Libero » 2015 Apr 14, 19:17

da_ni wrote:Hi!

I had also worke on a set for him, and some values where very similar.

It's obvious that he's much better attacking than defending. I had him 69/60. I don't see him so strong defending, so comparing to other SB who have 62 and 61 in defense, i chose 60, behind players like Miguel Lopes, Evra, Marcos Alonso, or Baiano, all SB who like to attack.

As for his DA and technique, i had him with 77 in both items. I bellieve he's skilled enough to warrant him that value.

As for his passing, i had his LPA higher than his LPS (74/69), since IMO he lacked power in his centers...

In his speed, i had him about the same as you, apart one big difference. I had his Agility alot lower... I had him with 72 in response, 77 in agility, 79 also in DS and 82 in top speed.

His BB i had also a bit lower... I noticed that specially in his games with Porto. Brahimi isn't very strong, but Bruno Gaspar couldn't beat him sholder to sholder... I rated his BB at 74. Stamina i also had him with 82, as fo SP i don't think i ever saw him shoot, so i gave him average green.

As for tenacity and TW I also had him lower, 69/74. In terms of TW i could go a bit higher, since he moves alot, he helps alot in attack, but i'm not so sure in terms of mentality. Maybe TW coul be at 76, but mentality i wouldn't give him more than 71/72 for now.

Thanks for the response, da_ni _tick

Your DEF suggestion is a big question because I do agree that his defense is around the same value as Miguel Lopes but I believe that he’s much better defensively than Baiano who I find nothing special in this stat. Therefore, this is not just a question of Bruno’s stat but a question for Miguel Lopes and Baiano’s stats as well.

I found this technique suitable but it’s obviously open for any changes.

His LPA and LPS are about the same value but his LPA needs some serious improvement. This is why his LPS is higher than LPA but it could be reduced if more people agreed (I found it decent though).

I read that Explosive Power is the combination of agility and acceleration. He’s decently agile but he’s very fast and can quickly reach his maximum speed. That’s why I put 82.

In BB, I disagree…with Brahimi. He’s quite strong for his size (that’s why is BB is sitting at 80). 77 looked alright in the matches I saw him.
He has a nice shot ;)

You’re probably right in what comes to mentality.

Stats are here to be discussed so hopefully more people can suggest and we can reach an agreement :D We’re gonna have to wait to see though.
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Re: Bruno Gaspar

Postby Christiancito » 2017 Aug 27, 22:35

Isn't he portuguese?
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Re: Bruno Gaspar

Postby antony » 2017 Sep 17, 20:05

Technically he is better than this, good passing/crosses ..
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Re: Bruno Gaspar

Postby Epsi » 2017 Nov 08, 08:49

I've followed him against Roma, tactically he has been a shame, not at Serie A level.

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