Hernanes, Hebei China Fortune FC

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Hernanes, Hebei China Fortune FC

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 23:36

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Re: Hernanes

Postby toaad » 2017 Oct 30, 03:22

He was the main reason the SPFC didn't go to the second division. I think this current set is excellent but in fact there are some necessary changes. The main one is bigger attack, as jean quoted, and also greater mentality and that is the essence.
He behaves like a leader, technical and symbolic, appearing in important games and coldly in adverse moments. The most curious thing is that he is very lazy, this is due to the fact he has little intensity historically, without the ball and in the transitions to defensive and offensive organizations. It is probably the main factor why it has not been adopted in Europe for a consistent time or even in relation to the technical capacity that he has and the player that could be there.

The big difference is that in Brazil he manages to be very effective and this has been potentializing by the mental strength he created in the mission to save his heart's club from the biggest fiasco in his history.
That's why I'm totally against an increase in tw and sta and dont really think if is necessary to change the response well, actually, especially stamina should be away from the yellow zone and tw more close to the white zone (81atk + 78 men + ?? response?? + 76sta + 76 tw).

With the ball he seems to me considerably more agile, in the set that is using in my off he has 76ep and is enough combined with DA.
His shooting skills always seemed very precise beyond all force, a number like 77 is perfect to replicatr his style, was always one of his great characteristics but the lack of aggressiveness and intensity made him not kick as much.
Another important addition is on the aerial game, I always found the values ​​low and this current passage in Brazil showed that isnt crazy to have jump&hea in the green zone or in another high combination.

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