Sergio Reguilón

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Sergio Reguilón

Postby PES Stats Database » 2019 Jan 16, 14:10

Full Name: Sergio Reguilón Rodríguez

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Re: Sergio Reguilón

Postby pcrooce » 2019 Feb 28, 01:17

pretty amazin game he had vs Barca today, I believe even better than the performance Vinicius had, he did everything pretty much perfect showing great commitment through all match, this has been their first loss with him in the starting line-up.

been a machine since starting over, never stops running and he's a very good player that works really well at keeping possession of the ball, good movements on/off it and decent distribution.

so sad to see Marcelo fall behind this season but I believe Reguilon could end up as a starter, he has the quality to make it.
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Re: Sergio Reguilón

Postby HarryPSG » 2019 Mar 05, 21:49

Only 83 in speed? This kid is much faster than Marcelo. Bale, Reguilón and Vinicius Jr are the fastest Players in RM.
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Re: Sergio Reguilón

Postby lito5 » 2019 Mar 05, 23:26

im not sure about that, he is fast but no that fast, have good acc, ts, and agi,,,, he is a balanced player good in all areas of the game, i like that tipe of players
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Re: Sergio Reguilón

Postby Ocrin » 2019 Mar 06, 03:13

HarryPSG wrote:Only 83 in speed? This kid is much faster than Marcelo. Bale, Reguilón and Vinicius Jr are the fastest Players in RM.

Marcelo is really out of shape/confidence and got really fucking slow lately though, not sure this is a good comparison.
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Re: Sergio Reguilón

Postby sunsaegnim » 2019 Sep 29, 20:52

His aggression surely is in yellow range and probably in mid's already, and he has a good close control when dribbling imo. Anyone waching him closely? It seems he's doing well this season, would like to know the opinions of his ts and stamina or any other stat since it's seems he deserves a upgrade.
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Re: Sergio Reguilón

Postby Fixer » 2019 Oct 01, 15:23

What a wonderful player. Superb energy, determined in offense and defense, goes up and down constantly, is a confident short passer, holds the ball well, can even dribble... INCREDIBLE player, I had a good impression of him already but having watched him some more I'm fascinated by this player. I've updated him, because despite the HUGE competition, he's been the best sideback of the league so far, and that's a lot to say with Trippier performing as he is.
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Re: Sergio Reguilón

Postby jurgens » 2019 Oct 01, 17:31

Great update. Hes exactly what you'd want from a SB. He doesn't have anything flashy, hes pretty limited, but he pushes so hard with that limitedness and enthusiasm, and attacks and attacks.
Hes definitely not a great dribbler by any means, but he uses it great effective nonetheless, very good at carrying the ball forward, and just getting on it to make something happen. His passing is quite nice, actually impressed me a few times, wasn't expecting that at all. I guess hes not flashy enough for Madrid? So fucking stupid, this guy is amazing.

Oh, and before I forget, hes very one-footed, and it is something that hurts him somewhat.
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Re: Sergio Reguilón

Postby El Flaco » 2020 Jan 18, 19:54

Todays game vs Real Madrid is probably the first Reguilon game i've ever watched, and i agree with most of the stuf written here, in terms of my first impression. Great stamina, very aggressive, very fast. In one situation after Sevilla won the ball somewhere in the centre, he was so quick to overlap, it was incredible, and his ACC looked better than 83 to me, but i am not sure. 79 DA surprised me, he didn't look like a player that close to yellows to me, he looked very confident in carrying the ball but in sort of a kick and run way, but you know him much better and i see many people are involved.

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