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Manu García

Posted: 2019 Feb 11, 03:33
by PES Stats Database

Re: Manu García

Posted: 2020 May 08, 16:26
by Eternal Night
He's doing a very decent season.

I'd make some changes watching his performances in Sporting de Gijón.

Maybe he doesn't deserve a green value for Attack for now. He's dangerous but 75 is excessive this moment.

One of his main characteristics, and that makes it a different player in the league, is his SPA and especially his SPS. His key and deep passes amaze me.

Another of his strong points is his technique.
79 is a very poor value for him. Perhaps he is the most technical player in the entire competition and I don't see him below 86 in my eyes.

One of the best Segunda División players and player of U21 Spanish NT.

Re: Manu García

Posted: 2020 May 08, 16:33
by Ocrin
Is his DA still a standout trait of his? He had really good displays when he was on loan in France, he was a key player in his (average) team and showed potential for higher values in the future.

Re: Manu García

Posted: 2020 May 08, 16:40
by Eternal Night
Yes, his DA is still really good. He is a physically very weak player but he usually shows his class more and more.