!All Star/Era Team Requests!

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Length of All Star Teams?

32-man Squads
23-man + 9 Reserves
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!All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Brezza » 2008 Dec 21, 21:13

Here you can request your favorite All Star/Era teams 8-)

... as a general rule All Star teams should have all the important players of the club not necessarily the best players... especially I would disagree with adding very good players that only played one season.


Team request list:
Arsenal 1930s - Herbert Chapman era
AS Roma 1979-1984
Atlético de Madrid | 2009-2011 | Quique Sánchez Flores era
Barcelona 1973-1978 - Cruyff era
Benfica 1960-1970
Bulgaria 1994-1998
Chivas All Stars
Chivas 2005-2006
Club Nacional de Football All Stars
Dinamo Zagreb All Stars
Dinamo Zagreb 1967-1968
East Germany All Stars
Fluminense All Stars
Genoa 1922-1925
Germany 1970/1982/2002/2006
Hellas Verona 1984-1985
Inter Milan 1988-1989
Inter Milan 1986-1991
Malaysia 1994
Marseille 1989-1993
Netherlands 1978
Newcastle 1995-1996
New Zealand 1982
River Plate 1996-1997
Saint Etienne All Stars
San Diego Sockers All Stars
San Lorenzo All Stars
Sao Paulo All Stars
Serbia All Stars
Sheffield Wednesday All Stars
Stoke City All Stars
USA All Star Alternative
USA 1990
USA 1994

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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby julgui » 2010 Mar 04, 02:27

Thanks for approved.

If you truly want most historic teams in South America. Do not hesitate to ask.
It is a pleasure to help.


Posted Paraguay 1998 and Poland 1982 :)
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Chuky » 2010 Apr 06, 14:52

Hello friends!! This forum is brilliant, I am a super freak of the football of the 90s.

Spanish teams 90s fantastic era!!

Unzue,Monchi,Jimenez,Martagon,Diego,Prieto,Cortijo,Del Campo,Soler,Rafa Paz,Bango,Monchu,Simeone,Moacir,Dumitrescu,Moya,Suker,Tevenet,Carlitos

Real Zaragoza
Cedrun,Juanmi,Belsue,Caceres,Aguado,Solana,Cafu,Cuartero,Dario Franco,Gay,Aragon,Nayim,Garcia Sanjuan,Poyet,Higuera,Esnaider,Pardeza...


Real Betis
Jaro,Prats,Ureña,Josete,Gordillo,RobertoRios,Vidakovic,Merino,Alexis,Sanchez Jara, Olias,Cañas,Stosic,Jarni,Finidi,Cuellar,Alfonso,Sabas,Kowalczyk...

Real Oviedo
Mora,Onopko,Armando,Rivas,AbelXavier,Jerkan,Sietes,Cristobal,Jokanovic, Suarez,Ivan Ania,Berto,Prosinecki,Dubovsky,Maqueda,Jankovic,Oli,Dely Valdes..

Real Sociedad
Uria,Idiakez,De pedro,Karpin,Kodro,Craioveanu,De Paula,Kovacevic....

Athletic Bilbao
Valencia,Larrazabal,Alkorta,Karanka,Larrainzar,Oskar Vales,Andrinua,Urrutia, Tabuenka,Alkiza,Garitano,JulenGuerrero,Etxeberria,Goicoetxea,Ziganda,Urzaiz

Racing Santander

RCD Tenerife
Ojeda,Ramis,Paqui,Aguilera,Del Solar,Ezequiel Castillo,Redondo,Chano,LLorente,
Conte,Estebaranz,Felipe Miñambres,Pinilla,Pizzi, Dertycia,Latorre,Pier,Makaay...
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Kempie » 2010 Apr 08, 16:33

Please can someone make Sheffield Wednesday era team 1991-1994:

1990/91 - League Cup Winners (Rumbelow's Cup), beat Man Utd 1-0
1991/92 - Finished 3rd in Division One, behind Leeds and Man Utd
1992/93 - Finished as runners-up to Arsenal in both FA Cup and League Cup
1993/94 - Finished 7th in the league and got to the League Cup semi-final

Would have players like Chris Waddle, Chris Woods, Des Walker, David Hirst

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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby choccy » 2010 Apr 09, 09:45

Team page for Norway WC 1998 created (pending approval). Will look into making Rosenborg from their golden era in the 90s later on if all goes well with the Norway project.
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Keaty22 » 2010 Apr 18, 20:21

what happened to the pre-war all-stars
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Assman » 2010 Apr 27, 18:07

May I request Southampton 90's? Quite a few well known players other than Le God ;)
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby zguc » 2010 May 08, 10:38

Era Teams:
_cro Hajduk Split 1971-1980


State champions:
1971, 1974, 1975, 1979, (1976 stolen championship. In Ljubljana, directed by the judge Maksimović...)

Cup Winners:
1972, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1977,

1972-73 Cup Winners' Cup
First round: FC Hajduk Split (Cro) Fredrikstad FK Nor 1-0 1-0 / 2-0
Second round: Wrexham (Wal) NK Hajduk Split (Cro) 3-1 0-2 / 3-3 *
Quarter-finals: FC Hibernian FC Hajduk Split (Cro) 4-2 0-3 / 4-5
Semi-finals: Leeds United (Eng) NK Hajduk Split (Cro) 1-0 0-0 / 1-0

1975-76 Champions Cup
First round: Floriana (Mal) NK Hajduk Split (Cro) 0-5 0-3 / 0-8
Second round: FC Hajduk Split (Cro) Racing White Bel 4-0 3-2 / 7-2
Quarter-finals: FC Hajduk Split (Cro) PSV Eindhoven 2-0 Sun 0-3 / 2-3

1977-78 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
First round: Dundalk FC Hajduk Split (Cro) 1-0 0-4 / 1-4
Second round: Diosgyoer (Miskolc) NK Hajduk Split (Cro) 2-1 1-2 3-3 / 4-6p
Quarter-finals: Austria Wienna Aut NK Hajduk Split (Cro) 1-1 1-1 2-2 / 4-0p

* A decade in which they won four national titles and 5 cups and 5 consecutive triumph which is also still remained unregistered in this region, and perhaps in the world, sensational start winning titles 1971st 16 years after the long season of waiting. The team led by coach Slavka Lustice boys Jerkovic, Jovanic, Lemesic, Džonijem and Buljan, and more experienced Vukcevic, Hlevnjak, Nadoveza, Pavlica play beautiful football fanatic driven atmosphere in the whole of Dalmatia
* The title has Hajduk scoring league and the second time Peter Nadoveza which enrolled 20 goals
* Interesting that season and the events surrounding the match Hajduk-Partizan Belgrade, which was stopped by conditions 2-2 after the judge Pavle Ristic, who during the meeting several times a damaged white, shot in the head. The initial decision to meet with 3-0 records for the people of Belgrade provoked violent protests, throwing cars into the sea and demonstrations in Split and Dalmatia, and eventually the game after complaints registered yet Hajduk 2:2
* 1971st in the fall series begins with known good Hajduk games in European cups and unfortunate, disappointing relegation - in Valeniciji made it 0-0, but was returned, finished 1-1. That same year he began his series winning victory in the Cup finals has been overwhelmed with Dinamo 2:1, and that game was on the bench for the first time the White sat then a young coach Tomislav Ivic
* The following season the team led by experienced Branko Zebec particularly successful in the Cup Winners Cup where they reached the semi-finals and trials with Leeds United. Turns out after a 0-1 at Leeds and 0-0 in the series of Hajduk Split missed the ideal opportunity.
* 1973rd team takes Ivic and began the era of great bands, which began with the successes already in the junior age, and senior immediately realized two consecutive double crown. And this band of Hajduk fans were wildly pronounced: Mešković, Džoni, Rožić ...
Appearances in the League Cup, White began to slow elimination of Iceland's Keflavik, only to celebrate an extraordinary game in the first match against St. Etienne with a 4:1. Turn played 6th studenog 1974th turned into one of the largest sea Hajduk fans, because the French passed away victory 5-1 after extra time.
* FC next season in the League Cup circuit continues to have succeeded after eliminating Florian Maltese and Belgian Racing White. After that, however, another painful fallout from PSV Eindhoven after a 2-0 defeat in Split and is returned to the 0:3, again after extra time
* 1976th subverting the third consecutive double crown after a famous case Maksimovic in Novi Sad when a judge in Ljubljana was waiting with the termination of the meeting until Partizan did not achieve the goal
* Two next season Hajduk appearances in the Cup Winners Cup, where it turns into the final round of Atletico Madrid and next season in the quarterfinals of the Vienna of Austria because of lower penalties
* 1978th Ivic coming back to the bench in Split comes the new title even though at the end of the autumn competition goes favorite of fans, cunning archer Slaviša Žungul
* The team championship Hajdukovci the full 68 years after goodbye to the legendary old Lot
* Lowering the flag on the old cry for forgiveness
* Premiere performance at the new stadium in Poljud Hajduk played before 50,000 fans against the Turkish champions Trabzonspora and Boro Primorac winning goal from 11 meters, which begins with a successful performance in the League Cup
* A great game and victory of 3-0 against the Danish champions Vejleu leads to the quarterfinals and the famous experiment with the bacon. Defeat in Hamburg from 0:1 to hit Reimann after apparent violation Horst Hrubescha on, then debutant at the door white, 18-year old Ivan Pudar. With him are remembered and play Boriša Djordjevic who was the German national team izludio Manfred Kaltz. Return once again brings a lot of excitement and disaster, great game, missed a penalty kick and the final victory of 3-2, that was not enough for the semifinals.

El orgullo y desafío.
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Ibarrola92 » 2010 Jun 05, 17:23

Hi, this is my first post :P
well, to the topic
i suggest to do CLUB OLIMPIA 2002 (winner of the Libertadores CUP, and played against Real Madrid in Yokohama) :D
so, if someone can do the team, or at least help me, i will be so pleased.

greetings from Paraguay
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby mcmattie » 2010 Jun 07, 22:09

The classic top 3 clubs from the Netherlands are of course Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord. These are the only 3 dutch clubs that won the Europacup1/Champions league or the Europacup2/UEFA Cup. Now there already exist the era teams of Ajax and PSV when they won their Europacup 1's and also the Ajax all stars and PSV all stars, but no Feyenoord era team when they won the Europacup 1 in 1970 and also no Feyenoord all stars...
Besides that I would like the era teams when these clubs won their Europacup2/UEFA cup. They all won it at least once.
But the Feyenoord teams are really missing and should be created.
This will be helpfull for the Feyenoord all stars:
http://www.feyenoordgeschiedenis.net/be ... tijden.htm
and this one for the 1970 era team when they won the Europacup 1:
http://www.feyenoordgeschiedenis.net/we ... Celtic.htm
They're both in Dutch, but I think it's easy to understand. Translate it if necessary with Google translater.
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Zappa » 2010 Jul 13, 21:57

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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Zappa » 2010 Jul 14, 10:14

Borussia Mönchengladbach All Stars


Ludwig Müller
Frank Schäffer

Uwe Rahn

Franck Mill

Probably needs other players.
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby matthew » 2010 Jul 18, 02:31

You made all era teams for every decade, but you forgot one of the most interesting ones!

PLEASE MAKE A PRE-WAR ALL STAR TEAM, with players like Leonidas, Meazza, Zamora, etc.

I really want to see your choices!
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Brezza » 2010 Jul 18, 20:53

I made one a while back although I wasn't quite satisfied with it and prefered to just do decade sides only. I'll give it another go though.
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Phil » 2010 Jul 18, 20:58

Is there no Serbia All Star team ?
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby matthew » 2010 Jul 22, 14:17

Thanks a lot Brezza

Another question, why are none of the pre-war players great at curling, free-kicks, or penalties? I mean, i haven't seen one player with orange for curling, barely anyone over 80 for free-kicks, and barely anyone with penalties as their special abilities. Why is that? Is it because those qualities are too specific for old sources and they just leave them out of their descriptions of the players? Because, I'm sure there were SOME free kick specialists in those days.
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby mcmattie » 2010 Jul 22, 16:00

_ned Netherlands | 2010 _ned

The team with the iron mentality that made it to the _rsa 2010 WC final _rsa with not so beautiful but very patient and effective play.
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby Sindelar » 2010 Jul 23, 21:37

May I request the FLN football team, the team who played around the world from 1958 to 1962 to support the Algerian independence movement? Thank you!
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby mottalol » 2010 Aug 02, 00:23

Not exactely an Team request, the all star team already exists but its very, very outdated, so i'm requesting an update for the ROMA All Star.

Thanks a lot :D
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby SpongeBob » 2010 Aug 04, 13:05

This also isn't team request but since players request thread is locked I'm praying here for help for legendary Mexican player Ramon Ramirez. If someone have his
stats or some suggestions or any useful info please PM me, I'll be very grateful.
Thanks in advance!

P.S. Here's a small reminder on this legend:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OaJCh-nz5s&feature=related
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Re: !All Star/Era Team Requests!

Postby mcmattie » 2010 Aug 10, 23:41

Netherlands 1978, when they made it to the final.

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