Updated Project Classic Era Teams

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Updated Project Classic Era Teams

Postby Adrien » 2013 Aug 11, 18:52

I'm starting to updated classic era teams and if people want to help you can suggest it, you're welcome. I explain the project.

I'm updating especially the first page of the classic era teams to make them beautiful, I mean with colors, shirt numbers, formations in good format. It will be better to watch and looks more as a trustable works. A lot of page looks like garbage or not well wrote, that's don't make me enjoying it and trust it.
I do it as I updating my OF too.

Firstly, I only update top UEFA classic teams, who won a trophee or who had great players. I started with Barcelona 2005 - 2006. Look at what I done in the first page, it's mostly the same format as Epsi did in team like Juventus 2011-2012.

Barcelona 2005-2006: http://pesstatsdatabase.com/viewtopic.php?f=504&t=5695&p=15213#p15213

Secondly, we can update players or create them when it's needed to complete the team. Players in old format or not created could be update with Konami and we can change some tweaks if needed when we are sure of it. Players with old standards could be update too. All full matchs video or vs video of that era are welcome to complete players aren't update.

To conclude, I suggest you to follow the list I will give you to help us in a well organize way. We have to do it team by team if we want to be organize. Let's start with Barcelona 2005-2006.

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