The Classic Players, the Turning Skills and others tricks.

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The Classic Players, the Turning Skills and others tricks.

Postby Adrien » 2013 May 31, 13:34

I just want to create this topic to debate about the dribbling cards give to some classic players. I especially want to speak about the Turnning Skills. A lot of players have this card whereas they never really made the Ronaldo chop. I hate it in game as it's really unerealistic moves. I would like to see a real diference about the way of dribbling of the old era wich was more step on skills or easy stuff and new players who like to make new tricks like scissors, turnning, etc...

I know that Konami sometimes give this card to players whereas they doesn't do it in a constant basis, if even they already did it... But I don't think that's a good idea. I think it could be nice to only give it to players who do it, and at least several times on their career. I'm also not for giving dribling card to players who made one time in his career a movement who look like this.

Example: Turrning skils is simple is the ronaldo chop that a lot of players do in real nowadays, but if a movements looks like this but isn't the ronaldo chop, it has no sense to give them the Turnning Skills in my opinion.

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