A real overhaul?

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A real overhaul?

Postby Vickingo » 2012 Aug 25, 01:18

I've been talking a while with Rob about this and I got surprised he was thinking exactly the same of me without talk before about it to each other. This isn't any kind of revolution, nothing of that...but I have the feeling we have in this awesome section so many topics which are useless in PES. I mean, reviewing some All Star teams, it's almost impossible to create in PES a real team from them. Why? Mostly cause 80% of sets are or overrated, or with old standards, or aren't trustable.

The workload rate since jurgens came to the section is admirable, plus the always awesome work of Brezza and anonyme, Korinov, Albo7 and Epsi. The work from recent times is really trustable and you can put those stats in game without any problem, knowing there is a lot of work behind it and it'll work fine.

I'm referring to this:

Before 30's: 47 Topics
30's: 76
40's: 81
50's: 204
60's: 292
70's: 449
80's: 432
90's: 491
00's: 192
Contemporary Players: 412

I mean, it's not an issue of quantity, it's an issue of quality plus new standards. This topic could complement 'Mongolese Maradonas' thread as it's a bit similar, but my point is a bit different. I don't know if the solution to have an accurate and good database of Classic is to delete those threads which aren't trustable or are with old standards and there aren't any trustable member who can take part of it or care about it...but it seems better than have so many threads which nobody will use as are obviously wrong most of them.

Probably there's a good work behind them, but with old standards and probably overrated in those stats like sps/lps/sp/sta/ment, etc so are basically out of sync. I've been around the forums here and there and it's true julgui had some good works, but after make a quick view in some players I've realized are pure guesswork. Probably in the old database could work, but now with the compromise of you guys to make the section better, the only thing which makes is to mess up the ladders and bother there.

So, what's the result? I bet there are many users or guests who want to have Classic teams in their games -even me- but can't cause sets aren't accurate and old. I want to repeat that the workload in last time is just fantastic, really, from all the mods here. You guys are making the best for the site in this section which is may be one of the most visited in the forum and it's true there is a lot of work to be done, but obviously it'll be made gradually as you're doing. But also there is a reality as the other topic bring up and it's innaccurate sets everywhere and a whole work which is almost impossible to even start. It'd be to a "new start", keeping trustable topics and deleting all the rest which can't be taken from neither of us.

I'd like to read opinion from you guys and whoever can discuss this.

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Re: A real overhaul?

Postby VUKDS » 2012 Oct 01, 19:58

And sets of Plava Cigra for Tirnanic, Marjanovic, Ivkovic and some of Yugoslavian players from 30's are very good. They're with new standards, but we can do something about them. That Yugoslavian generation was third on the World Cup 1930. One of the best generations in the football history, IMO. :)
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Re: A real overhaul?

Postby Roy » 2013 Feb 15, 17:25

Jurgens' idea of starting from KONAMI's sets and then touching them up is actually a really good idea, i've been thinking of doing something similar, but the problem is, most players I want to recreate are either not in PES or have little footage (e.g Rene van der Gijp)
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Re: A real overhaul?

Postby midnight » 2013 Feb 15, 17:31

it could be applied with youngsters at least , since they need to mature to become real competitors they should have very low values in some stats and have the best aspects of their games replicated with good values , this is how anonyme is rating them and i like it very much.
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