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Postby KeyserSoze » 2012 May 04, 15:14

As you have realized, there are classic players (specially from the 90's) are still in the forum, but not in the editor.
Have you considered this? Of course, there are also Mongolese Maradonas who need to be swept from this site ASAP.
But the rest can't be properly updated because they're not in the editor.

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Postby jurgens » 2012 May 04, 16:09

The classic section is very differnt than the normal section of the site. There is literally hundreds of sets in here that are purely guesswork. For any obscure player you can basically be assured, it doesn't represent the player and he will be in the oldest of old standards... a lot of the times it's in peoples own standards that are just so far out of any standard PSD has ever used. It's a waste of time to move players like this into the editor, especially when you consider that some of their values will completely mess up the ladders. And we don't know the players, so we can't fix their stats. All the good sets I could find have been moved to the main site for the 90's+.

Talking about sets that havn't been moved to the main site, the inter treble winning team still hasn't been moved to the main site. Why? Even though the stats are PSD's and were regularly updated... the standards in the serie A at that time were the most messed up in the board, so we can't just move them because they aren't correct and will be out of sync with the rest of the newly updated database. I've been slowly updating some of them, but it takes time as I need to watch vids from this era.. and on top of that I have dozens of other players to work on. It's like this for the whole classic section basically, all these old sets need to be reviewed before they are fit to be introdcued to the main site.. but reviwing most of them is not possible, or a job anyone wants to under-take. And funnily enough in spite of all this, people are still more than happy to create stats for players they havn't watched in over 10 years? Who they havn't even bothered to try download matches etc for. So right from the off we have more people introducing sets that are incorrect.
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Postby Albo7 » 2012 May 05, 18:33

I love it how my term "Mongolese Maradonas" is now a slang in here. :D
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