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Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 10, 02:43

Full Name: Carlos Andrade Souza

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Re: Carlinhos

Postby Anders » 2013 Jun 07, 20:04

Really, really sorry for not replying previously. :|

I agree with the ATK, DEF, Header and Jump suggestions, nothing to add in there. I don't think he needs more SA, but it's just one point anyway, so I can increase it as well as his WFA who certainly needs to be 6.

Regardless passing, I really don't see him being that good, especially on short pass; why does he needs all that SPS, he just make simple passes and his range isn't nothing out of this world. I could see SPA at 75~76, but not higher. About his crosses, F. Santos is better than him and a close example can be Jean, who make crosses with more power than him (I rate Jean with LPS: 82) and is probably more accurate too, If Jean has LPA: 79 I would rate Carlinhos 78 at most.

Speed is fine, except if you can find a video proving that I'm wrong, but Léo Moura still is faster than him, (though Léo rarely display TS 86 those days.) Res is fine too, giving him a high value would only make him worst at defence, as he would get out of position too often and he don't has a great DEF to compensate that; I don't think his ability to intercept is a great reason to increase it too, as IMO he is good in that mainly because off his ACC and TS.

BB: W. Nem is strong than him IMO, but Carlinhos could be in pair with Nem. I rate him with 89 of stamina, I think you agree with me that it is one of his main qualities and he keep bombing the left side during the entire match, he just' don't has 89 because Dimon said it was enough.

Disagree with all your suggestions cards; Trickster is for players like Robinho or Neymar, who uses several tricks, Speed Merchant is for very agile players (high orange and red AGI), last but not least Mazing Run, I don't think he dribbles often enough to be a mazing run type of player, I can't imagine you playing against Fluminense and seeing Carlinhos trying to dribble your entire defence. :)

Carlinhos is in a great phase and he has improved since he joined Flu =).
Spoiler: show
ATK: 75
DEF: 63
HED: 70
SPA: 76
LPA: 78 (Although I like it at 76)
SA: 70
BB: 76
STA: 89
JUMP: 78 (Can be slight higher 79~81)
WFA: 6.

PS: I can give more explanations if you want and make comparisons with other players. I didn't comment about the comparison that you made with Eboue because the last time I watched him was 4~3 yeas ago.
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Re: Carlinhos

Postby Arda T » 2013 Jun 10, 22:07

Thanks for your reaction.

But what do you understand under simple passes. Seriously I saw him giving very accurate passes not to the left or right but also diagonal passes. Don't know if through pass is the correct way to describe it. For example yesterday he recovered the ball dribble across the whole pitch and gave an amazing through pass for SB standards. Often when he clears the ball he does it smoothly not just kick the ball forward and see what happens. Sorry for not having video material to prove anything.

About speed i'm still thinking he is faster than what the stats suggest. Yesterday for example he showed great speed on and of the ball. His dribble speed is 86, I think he is without the ball at the same speed.

Did you watch him recently ? You can find full matches of Fluminense on youtube. Maybe if you have not seen him play recently take a time to watch them.

Watch this. Especially his ACC ... start=1333
and this ... &start=902. This is with the ball and I saw him running faster without the ball.

Also watch this for speed stats ... Ig#t=5468s
This after the 3rd game in 6 days (one of them they played with 10 men 45 during the whole 2nd half). In the 85th minute of the game.
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Re: Carlinhos

Postby Anders » 2013 Jun 14, 14:04

Thanks for the videos. I made an update at him.
Regardless your question, yeah I watched him recently, just missed the matches on Carioca against the lower teams and I still have to watch some of the classics that he made on Carioca.
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Re: Carlinhos

Postby bff » 2014 Dec 15, 13:58

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Re: Carlinhos

Postby Scaramuso » 2015 Mar 19, 12:52

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Re: Carlinhos

Postby viktoristus » 2015 Apr 03, 12:59

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Re: Carlinhos

Postby Christiancito » 2015 Apr 06, 19:13

Move him if it's possible guys.
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Re: Carlinhos

Postby toaad » 2016 Aug 16, 16:59

Surely this set is judged by the old standart. Carlinhos is WB, not as good technically to be a SMF and fucking bad on defense to be a regular SB.

In the offensive part...he's a dangerous player, his crosses are accurate but not regular(shows good accuracy not much force) and his short passes are decent but very basic. His greatest quality is aggressive with the ball at his feet trying always 1vs1 plays using very little of the DA and almost with no agility(although a few times, rarely use well), his races are very horizontal with the exception of the time using that he uses his DA to surprise the marker. He often cant use control the ball when he runs, they arealmost 100% DS but when surprises using the DA may bit of positively surprise, unlike agility that makes his movements a little predictable. Carlinho's BC is incredibly inconsistent, you never know if he will have a horrible first touch or a class touch.
I think very difficult to set his DA and EP, they are very inconsistent.

It's decent in the air, good jump with decent header.

Defensively he is fucking weak,very badly in tackling and low responsiveness. Despite resistance, does not seem to have psychological and claw in adverse times.

Spoiler: show
Defence: 59
Balance: 77
Acceleration: 84
Agility: 77
Dribble Accuracy: 78
Dribble Speed: 86
Long Pass Accuracy: 80
Long Pass Speed: 78
Shot Accuracy: 72
Shot Power: 81
Header: 73
Jump: 78
Technique: 76
Aggression: 88
Mentality: 72
Keeper Skills: 50
Teamwork: 79

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