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Postby PES Stats Database » 2017 Feb 13, 03:20

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Re: Jackson

Postby GuilhermeMorais » 2019 Aug 26, 04:13

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Re: Jackson

Postby Elivelton » 2019 Dec 26, 06:30

Just quick commentaries about this player:

- Yeah his heading was nerfed and this player value for header was questioned, my answer was that he had a very powerfull header and he showed to be able to hit them whatever he want, then the question about goals came in, in fact he scored once but i dont know where, not really something amazing but he did made a change of direction of about 110 degrees and the ball hitted the ground before the goal, another thing is that he could have scored at least 2 times this season, one was stolen and the other one the keeper saved above the goal line, the second one was really good where he again made a header directed to the ground, so in the end it seems there was some logic of that high value he had before, by the looks of it he is the best header of all the defenders in this team, while Roger Carvalho and Quintero are decent aswell but Jackson is a step above them.
- Other thing that i learned is that he is good technically, decent shooter and FK Taker but not really a good defender, his TW is atrocious he is a player focused on Man and Ball Marking while forgetting about the D-line, well... there is a reason he isnt a starter but he brings technical skills and decent passing to this team. His FK style that one where he is at 90 degrees from the ball.
- Overall this set (older set before the last update) captures a bunch of Jackson game but lacks the numbers to show that he is a technical defender, good shooter and passer, while having some technique.


-According to Whoscored.com (not 100% reliable but maybe it will mean something) the 3 Fortaleza defenders i talked before had this numbers of headers this season:
Roger Carvalho: 3
Quintero: 2
Jackson: 2

You cant really ask too much with only those chances, do you? At least those players did well in the chances they got. Jackson looked deadly in the few chances he had, and the old value made some sense.

Curiosity 2:

Bruno Melo another defender, scored 2 headers while having 6 chances. And yet he looks weak in the air compared to Jackson.

Curiosity 3:

Harry Maguire had 15 headers this half season and scored 0, his heading value is 87.
Virgil Van Dijk had 16 headers this half season and scored 4, his heading value is 86.

While i can attest in Jackson favour in the very little amount of chances he had, i cant do that in EPL case (most of the time, last 4 Man U matches Maguire had 4 weak headers that looked worse than Rhodolfo when he would have done better), but in the end that may also mean something, still think things could have been done in a better way...

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