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Postby PES Stats Database » 2019 Feb 08, 00:54


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Re: Judson, San Jose Earthquakes

Postby Oriello » 2019 Feb 08, 01:07


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The video above works as a reference although be wary as the plays in it are cherry picked to make him look good. He's quite conservative with his short passing in reality. The vast majority of the time playing very short sideways to the fullbacks. But since he's quite accurate with it i opted to give him 70SPA in the end when initially i wanted to go with a mid 60's value for both SPA and SPS. When he wants to do some more ambitious pass he prefers going long, and that's where you can see he has some degree of skill. His biggest quality is hounding up the opponents to steal the ball and he's quite hardworking which compensates a bit his below average level of skill, but he isn't a creative player who puts others through on goal, he sometimes goes up to attack but usually to attempt a wildly inaccurate shot from distance. He has some decent technique that comes along with being a Brazilian player, and is quite agile, but all in all i'm not a fan of him. I was a bit surprised with him going to the US, but i can see him succeeding over there.

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