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Nouhou Tolo

Postby PES Stats Database » 2018 Dec 18, 05:15


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Re: Nouhou Tolo

Postby Oriello » 2018 Dec 18, 05:43

I guess he is basically a living stereotype of a physically gifted west coast African with spotty ball control. Not terribly good when involving himself in the attack, but does rampage forward occasionally looking to be an option - his runs though are not the best and he either is caught offside or crowds space for others, sometimes it comes off well but he don't know what to do once on the ball lol.

Defensively he is more solid and actually pretty secure aside from an odd concentration mistake.

His dribbling I think is worth a bit more in DA when he is in tight situations, but he uses it less so than his latter punt and run style, and to get that to work in PES I had to raise DS quite a bit to get him in game like irl. Maybe the other option is to keep the DA 71/DS 79 as I had him with for a while, but go more crazy with TS? His TS I put -1 below Kemar Lawrence, I just think on a more consistent basis the Jamaican showcases it. The vid of 2018 shows he sometimes has moments of like 90ish TS.

Ground passing is fine, some mistakes, some adventerous balls, mostly underwhelming. is so hit and sometimes it really can be wonderful and curling and all that on plate stuff, and then most of the time its out for a throw in or for a goal kick or misses everyone and the opposite Seattle fullback scrambles to keep it in play - it makes him an extremely frustrating player. Thankfully he tends more to focus on combo work and ball recycling to break opposition down.

Overall very good prospect for the future, his athleticism alone makes him all kinds of useful. - Scouting vid/highlights from 2018 - 2017 highlights

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