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Vincent Bezecourt, Miami FC

Posted: 2018 Sep 26, 21:43
by PES Stats Database

Re: Vincent Bezecourt

Posted: 2020 Feb 18, 02:36
by Oriello
Red Bulls let him go. I am unsure why, since when I did see him I thought he was tidy player on the ball..maybe him yo-yo-ying between Red Bulls II and the MLS team was all the office could see and that at 26 he would have made a bigger leap?? Though they kept Florian Valot who has had 2 consecutive long term injuries and whilst more established in MLS is a year older and can't be relied to be fit for a season.

Think Bezecourt would be a solid pickup for any MLS team as depth player - his foundational skills are rounded enough that he could do well in Eridivise/Belgium.

His "engine" is noted as being a strong point, wherever he plays next its something to keep an eye on.