Nicolás Ramírez

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Nicolás Ramírez

Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 Jul 21, 23:51


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Re: Nicolás RAMÍREZ

Postby Vander » 2012 Apr 09, 17:22

He crashed a free kick in the wood against All Boys in the Copa Argentina. His free kicks are always dangerous, and he has a great kick. I think he hasn't ever scored any goal form a free kick because he hasn't had many chances, he has been in the principal squad few times.
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Re: Nicolás RAMÍREZ

Postby gotaa » 2012 Aug 17, 03:51

Moved to Peñarol, he has already trained there. He wasn't asked for by the coach, but by Peñarol's president...what's more weird is that I saw some people saying "he has things from Messi" :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Nicolás RAMÍREZ

Postby chedl » 2012 Nov 13, 15:15

Lamentably the president brought him as a the new Martinuccio :lol: for now steals the money :s


Well, later of watching him in the reserve (he plays here because still isn't in form and because is pretty bad :lol: ) some matches i leave some notes.

His STA is pretty good, constantly pressure to the defenders, sometimes press so much that in the last minutes looks very tired.
His SA is poor, i remember at least 3 situations of 1 vs 1 with the keeper that wasted, don't even were saved for the keeper.
His shoot of long range is pretty good, he marked 2 goals for this, one by mistake of the keeper that by the power of the shot, his hands didn't resisted. The two goals were with very good power.
FKA maybe can decreased, he prefer the power instead of the accuracy, and for now very few shots have gone on goal or have passed the barrier.
the EP is a bit less. Being out of shape, tries to do very hard turns and in each seems that is going to break the hip lol
I really like the number of TW, when Peñarol have the ball, he's very very static and when he have the ball, is pretty solist.

I'll wait to see him in more matches for to do update.
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Re: Nicolás Ramírez

Postby pelimetal » 2014 Aug 04, 21:01

Move to Argentinian Lower Leagues.
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Re: Nicolás Ramírez

Postby lucashag » 2016 Feb 21, 18:11

some thoughts about him during this run of matches:

Side both, has played as left winger in union and in los andes he switches sides with moreno.
Candidate for side star, hangs around and it's contantly attacking down the wings.
Balance seems a bit higher, he can stand on collision pretty nicely and it's effective at holding the ball with his body, although most of the cb's around can deal with him phisically.
His acceleration isn't this good, looks closer to the 81-2 mark.
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