Mikhail Rosheuvel

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Mikhail Rosheuvel

Postby PES Stats Database » 2013 Feb 07, 15:20

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Re: Mikhail Rosheuvel

Postby anOKguy » 2019 Jan 03, 02:30

He has been in quite fine form this season as one of the handful of bright spots on an otherwise dismal NAC team that could very well end up relegated. He has been deployed as a right sided wide midfielder and sporadically as a second striker or wide forward, so we need to tack on those two positions and move his default to SM. He has been excelling with providing key passes, general crossing, and dribbling. His short passes are pretty accurate but can often found to lack the necessary speed to avoid interception. Since the Eredivisie is a lesser league like the MLS I am going to be a bit more bold with some of my suggestions on things like passing speed for him, which I think are actually mid-high 60 material. His acceleration seems more in the 84-85 realm than 89, would drop his BB to 75 or so since he doesn't hold up terribly well to bumps, raise his LPA to 74 and drop LPS to 67-68 as I rate it slower than his SPS. Would probably separate DA and DS by a wider margin by dropping DA to 77 and raising DS to 85 as he is quite quick on the ball but not really as good with it in tight spaces. Finally, DEF to 44 or so since I see him putting in more effort than what he is currently attributed with, which is most likely due to his shift to a deeper position.

https://youtu.be/11Bs0XBPSj4?t=574 and https://youtu.be/-ILCdrN2qrk?t=224 are typical of most his goals: simple finishes. In fact he is actually a poor natural finisher.
https://youtu.be/-ILCdrN2qrk?t=494 see what I mean about the pass speed?
https://youtu.be/BiQdYF61erw?t=333 he makes a decent move to get past the man, but then the cross just slowly goes and is under hit
https://youtu.be/BiQdYF61erw?t=587 good placement, just seemed to be creeping there
https://youtu.be/-Zn9Be4sTOI?t=262 just floating there for a cool minute before it gets to its destination
https://youtu.be/Qcz5c1CSvfQ?t=310 again it's just got to be a low value LPS

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