Phil Jagielka

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Phil Jagielka

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 11:46


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Re: Phil Jagielka

Postby Vranny » 2013 Sep 24, 04:35

I still think it's a part of his game (i.e. that aggressive defending style) more so than fellow CBs Heitinga and Distin. Maybe a smaller increase to 82/83? But I'm not suggesting a change now. Just hoping it might cause some discussion. Would like to hear Phil's current views ideally.
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Re: Phil Jagielka

Postby Phil » 2013 Nov 23, 21:30

I think defensively speaking (distribution and technical skills aside) Jagielka is in the top 5 defenders in the league. His reading of the game and all round defensive ability is terrific, his slide tackling in particular is quality. I think he's probably better aerially than this too, no idea why Agger has a higher header value tbh as I see Jagielka being better here, he wins a a lot in the air despite not being the tallest defender. Some changes I'd make for Jagielka are DEF: 88 RES: 83 HEA: 82 AGI: 73 ACC: 78 MEN: 83

He also tries diagonals a lot but he is not particularly good at them, maybe LPS could come up to high greens/low yellows.
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Re: Phil Jagielka

Postby Moysís » 2018 Oct 27, 10:15

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Re: Phil Jagielka

Postby Oklahomastate010 » 2018 Dec 31, 20:00

So just to make a note on him, he began the year as the starting CB... and that lasted all of, it I recall correctly, ~57 minutes, at which point he make a terrible tackle from behind to deny a clear goal scoring chance and was sent off. He has not played a minute since then. Everton have an absolute glut of CBs with Holgate being a promising youngster and other slightly older but still young CBs in Keane, Mina, and Zouma. Over the time past decade or so he has been one of the best CBs in the Premier League, but his time playing appears to be coming to a close. If we do not already have one, I would recommend a classic set of his be made.

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