UEFA Russia - players to be created

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UEFA Russia - players to be created

Postby PES Stats Database » 2016 Aug 11, 19:24

You can post your suggestions/sets here.

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Re: UEFA Russia - players to be created

Postby Twix » 2017 Oct 04, 18:39

Solve to make a list of players that are missing in PSD, as possible seek to update it.

CSKA Moscow:
Image|#63| _rus Fedor Chalov|★CF
Image|#89| _rus Konstantin Kuchaev|★AMF, LB, LWB, CMF, LMF, LWF
Image|#25| _cro Kristijan Bistrović|★CMF, DMF, AMF
Image|#75| _rus Timur Zhamaletdinov|★CF, SS
Image|#01| _rus Ilya Pomazan|★GK
Image|#???| _svn Jaka Bijol|★DMF
Image|#72| _rus Astemir Gordyushenko|★CMF, DMF, AMF
Image|#80| _rus Khetag Khosonov|★DMF, CB, RB, CMF, RMF

Dinamo Moscow:
Image|#11| _rus Ivan Temnikov|★RMF, RB, LB
Image|#15| _rus Ibragim Tsallagov|★RB, LB, DMF|stats by krylyasovetovsamara
Image|#48| _rus Evgeny Lutsenko|★CF, LWF, SS
Image|#07| _rus Evgeny Markov|★CF
Image|#04| _rus Vladimir Rykov|★CB
Image|#31| _rus Igor Leshchuk|★GK
Image|#26| _rus Nikita Kalugin|★CB, LB

FK Krasnodar:
Image|#16| _swe Viktor Claesson|★LWF, DMF, CMF, LMF, RMF, AMF, RWF, SS, CF
Image|#???| _rus Dmitry Stotskiy|★RMF, LB, LWB, RWB, CMF, LMF, AMF, LWF, RWF
Image|#07| _bra Wanderson|★LWF, LMF, RMF, RWF
Image|#70| _geo Tornike Okriashvili|★LWF, CMF, LMF, AMF|stats by samessi
Image|#???| _rus Ilya Zhigulev|★CMF, DMF, AMF
Image|#26| _rus Aleksey Gritsaenko|★CB
Image|#85| _rus Ivan Ignatjev|★CF
Image|#13| _rus Igor Kalinin|★LB
Image|#93| _rus Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov|★RWF, CF

Image|#60| _rus Anton Miranchuk|★AMF, CMF, LMF, RMF, LWF, RWF
Image|#96| _rus Rifat Zhemaletdinov|★SS, LMF, RMF, LWF, RWF, CF
Image|#84| _rus Mikhail Lysov|★LB, LWB, LMF, LWF
Image|#28| _fin Boris Rotenberg|★RB, CB|stats by Sergio1990
Image|#30| _rus Nikita Medvedev|★GK
Image|#13| _rus Arshak Koryan|★RWF, RMF, LMF, AMF, LWF

Image|#30| _rus Fedor Kudryashov|★LB, CB, LWB, LMF|stats by Sergio1990
Image|#18| _rus Pavel Mogilevets|★CMF, DMF, AMF|stats by Sergio1990
Image|#???| _rus Khoren Bayramyan|★LB, RB, LWB, RWB, LMF, RMF
Image|#80| _rus Egor Sorokin|★CB
Image|#15| _rus Igor Konovalov|★CMF, DMF, AMF
Image|#???| _cro Filip Uremovic|★CB, RB
Image|#16| _rus Timur Akmurzin|★GK

Spartak Moscow:
Image|#57| _rus Aleksandr Selikhov|★GK|stats by SpartakRW
Image|#???| _fra Samuel Gigot|★CB, RB, DMF
Image|#17| _rus Georgy Tigiev|★LB, RB, RMF
Image|#40| _rus Artem Timofeev|★DMF, CMF
Image|#18| _rus Zelimkhan Bakaev|★LMF, RMF, LWF, RWF
Image|#98| _rus Aleksandr Maksimenko|★GK

Image|#99| _rus Andrey Lunev|★GK
Image|#14| _rus Daler Kuzyaev|★CMF, RB, DMF, RMF, AMF
Image|#21| _rus Aleksandr Erokhin|★CMF, RMF, AMF, SS, CF|stats by KeyserSoze & stats by Sergio1990
Image|#29| _rus Anton Zabolotnyy|★CF
Image|#???| _rus Evgeny Chernov|★LB, LWB, LMF
Image|#03| _rus Denis Terentjev|★RB, LB, LMF, RMF|stats by Sergio1990
Image|#55| _rus Kirill Kaplenko|★DMF
Image|#80| _rus Ilya Skrobotov|★CB

Other clubs:
Image|#15| _rus Andrey Semenov (Akhmat)|★CB|stats by Sergio1990
Image|#23| _rus Anton Shvets (Akhmat)|★CMF, DMF, AMF
Image|#19| _rus Oleg Ivanov (Akhmat)|★AMF, CMF|stats by Sergio1990
Image|#40| _rus Rizvan Utsiev (Akhmat)|★RB
Image|#04| _ven Wílker Ángel (Akhmat)|★CB
Image|#13| _irn Milad Mohammadi (Akhmat)|★LB, LWB, LMF, LWF
Image|#77| _kos Bernard Berisha (Akhmat)|★RMF, LMF, LWF, RWF|stats by mr.Boss
Image|#95| _rus Magomed Mitrishev (Akhmat)|★CF, LWF, RWF
Image|#11| _bra Ismael Silva (Akhmat)|★CMF, DMF
Image|#06| _rus Maksim Belyaev (Arsenal Tula)|★CB
Image|#15| _isl Sverrir Ingi Ingason (FK Rostov)|★CB
Image|#92| _rus Roman Emeljanov (Ural)|★DMF, CB, CMF
Image|#94| _bra Philipe Sampaio (Akhmat)|★CB
Image|#19| _nga Bryan Idowu (Amkar)|★LB, CB, RB, LWB, RWB, LMF, RMF
Image|#???| _rus David Yurchenko (Enisey)|★GK
Image|#98| _rus Ivan Oblyakov (FK Ufa)|★CMF, LMF, RMF, AMF
Image|#18| _rus Vladimir Iljin (Ural)|★CF, LWF, RWF
Image|#???| _civ Idrissa Doumbia (Akhmat)|★DMF, CMF
Image|#17| _sen Ablaye Mbengue (Akhmat)|★CF, LWF
Image|#16| _rus Evgeny Gorodov (Akhmat)|★GK
Image|#???| _rus Magomed Musalov (Akhmat)|★RB, LB
Image|#04| _rus Nikolay Zajtsev (Amkar)|★DMF, CB
Image|#18| _blr Mikhail Sivakov (Amkar)|★CB, DMF, CMF
Image|#66| _irn Saeid Ezatolahi (Amkar)|★DMF, CMF, AMF|stats by Llanca60
Image|#08| _rus Arsen Khubulov (Anzhi)|★RMF, LMF, LWF, RWF
Image|#07| _uzb Dostonbek Hamdamov (Anzhi)|★LWF, RWF, LMF, RMF, AMF
Image|#15| _civ Habib Maïga (Arsenal Tula)|★CMF, DMF
Image|#23| _rus Igor Gorbatenko (Arsenal Tula)|★CMF, LMF, RMF, AMF
Image|#???| _rus Pavel Komolov (Enisey)|★RMF, CMF, LMF, AMF, LWF, RWF
Image|#???| _rus Vladimir Poluyakhtov (Krylya Sovetov)|★LB, RB
Image|#31| _rus Vitaly Shakhov (FK Orenburg)|★CB, RB
Image|#09| _isl Björn Sigurðarson (FK Rostov)|★SS, CF
Image|#77| _rus Dmitry Skopintsev (FK Rostov)|★LMF, LB, LWB
Image|#55| _geo Jemal Tabidze (FK Ufa)|★CB, LB
Image|#58| _mar Othman El Kabir (Ural)|★LWF, LMF, CF
Image|#17| _bul Nikolay Dimitrov (Ural)|★RWF, LMF, RMF, LWF

Players not included in the main list (NT - national team player, U23 - young talent under 23 years):
U23|NT|#14| _uzb Eldor Shomurodov (FK Rostov)|★CF, RWF
U23|#33| _rus Vitaly Gudiev (Akhmat)|★GK
U23|#07| _rus Aleksandr Sobolev (Krylya Sovetov)|★CF
U23|#08| _rus Ayaz Guliev (FK Rostov)|★CMF, DMF, RMF, AMF
U23|#11| _rus Maksim Palienko (FK Tosno)|★RMF, AMF, RWF
U23|#87| _rus Igor Bezdenezhnykh (FK Ufa)|★CMF, DMF, AMF
U23|#05| _srb Dominik Dinga (Ural)|★CB
U23|#05| _rus Andrey Panyukov (Zenit)|★CF
NT|#17| _ven Jhon Chancellor (Anzhi)|★CB|stats by lito5
NT|#60| _zam Fashion Sakala (Spartak Moscow)|★CF, LWF
NT|#03| _arm Varazdat Haroyan (Ural)|★CB

Last Update: 01/07/2018
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Re: UEFA Russia - players to be created

Postby pelimetal » 2018 May 01, 01:00

_ven Jhon Chancellor - Anzhi Makhachkala - stats by lito5 - Medium Priority
Spoiler: show
Name: Jhon Chancellor
Shirt Number: 4
Nationality: _ven Venezuelan
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Age: 24 (02/01/1992)
Positions: ★ CB
Injury Tolerance: B
Foot: R
Side: B

Attack: 60
Defence: 77
Balance: 83
Stamina: 78
Top Speed: 74
Acceleration: 70
Response: 77
Agility: 65
Dribble Accuracy: 72
Dribble Speed: 70
Short Pass Accuracy: 71
Short Pass Speed: 73
Long Pass Accuracy: 72
Long Pass Speed: 73
Shot Accuracy: 65
Shot Power: 81
Shot Technique: 66
Free Kick Accuracy: 62
Curling: 68
Header: 78
Jump: 75
Technique: 71
Aggression: 66
Mentality: 78
Keeper Skills: 50
Teamwork: 77

Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 4

Attack Prowess: 61
Defense Prowess: 78
Ball Winning: 76

Catching: 40
Clearing: 40
Reflexes: 40
Coverage: 40

I redirect this set created by lito5. I´ve been seeing this guy mostly in NT, and seems a technical CB, who likes to make deep crosses or go forward with the ball on his feet. He takes advance with his size in set pieces. He knows how to use his body and protect the ball.

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