Difference Between TOP SPEED and ACCELLERATION

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Edson Giovanni
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Difference Between TOP SPEED and ACCELLERATION

Postby Edson Giovanni » 2018 Oct 14, 13:47

Hi everyone. I wanted to ask anyone who could do it if it could solve a doubt I have. What is the difference between TOP SPEED and ACCELLERATION? If I have not misunderstood, TOP SPEED is the maximum speed a player can reach without a ball. And ACCELLERATION instead of what it represents? I would like some concrete examples in order to understand the two characteristics. Because I can not understand the substantial difference between these two characteristics and I want to fill this gap that I have. Waiting for an answer, I thank anyone who can solve my doubt!

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Re: Difference Between TOP SPEED and ACCELLERATION

Postby AdAc » 2018 Oct 14, 20:29

Acceleration (with one "L") is the ability to reach top speed

If a player has a high acceleration value he can reach his top speed quickly
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Re: Difference Between TOP SPEED and ACCELLERATION

Postby KeyserSoze » 2018 Oct 14, 23:28

It has has the same logic behind Acceleration as in physics: The higher acceleration a player has, the faster his speed will be increased over time in a run, until he reaches his top speed.
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