Houssem Aouar

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Houssem Aouar

Postby Houy » 2018 Mar 19, 13:48


Positions: CM, SM, AM

Spoiler: show
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Foot: R
Side: L

Attack: 76
Defence: 62
Balance: 74
Stamina: 80
Top Speed: 76
Acceleration: 86
Response: 75
Agility: 86
Dribble Accuracy: 88
Dribble Speed: 79
Short Pass Accuracy: 85
Short Pass Speed: 78
Long Pass Accuracy: 76
Long Pass Speed: 75
Shot Accuracy: 69
Shot Power: 74
Shot Technique: 74
Free Kick Accuracy: 60
Curling: 75
Header: 56
Jump: 60
Technique: 84
Aggression: 76
Mentality: 70
Keeper Skills: 50
Teamwork: 81

Condition/Fitness: 4
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 4


Attack Prowess: 76
Defense Prowess: 73
Ball Winning: 62

Tactical Dribble


Aouar is a 19 year old French footballer and one of the latest products of Lyon's great academy, he's been one of the main assets of the team this year and though very young and still quite raw he's a mature player of great talent, an exceptionally smooth dribbler that has shown glimpses of amazing ground passing, some inch perfect displays of mid-long range vertical though passes especially and a solid workrate and supportive game.

Recently i asked Ocrin about his thoughts and notes on Aouar, he had impressions on him and some nice notes on his playstyle but not something close to a ready set so i proposed a first draft ( the set you see above ) i had made a little while ago based on a couple of games and some vs vids and highlights i had watched so we can work on it as a base and make the set from it. When i make these first impression sets i pay attention to detail but my main concern is to establish the player's best current potential. Then game by game i focus on consistency and drop and adjust values accordingly. Ocrin pointed out that he has more conservative values in mind for Tech, DS and Acc, which i think are interesting and valid suggestions. To that i'd also add BB, Def Prowess and possibly Resp. So, looking forward to your thoughts on him in general or from a particular game, Adrien especially since he probably knows him the best being a Lyon fan. The set above is basically the piece of marble for us to extract the actual set out of it and a base for his attributes to be discussed thoroughly.

Also, a little report for him from the game vs Marseille yesterday:
Spoiler: show
Marseille faced Lyon at home, the notable absence from the Lyonnais' line up being Fekir. The first half hour of the game was basically an attacking barrage from Marseille,
Lyon managed to absorb that initial pressure for the most part but also absorbed a goal in the process. After that though, the flow of the game changed radically and it was obvious what would follow. Though they missed the creative presence of Fekir Lyon is clearly the better structured and more well-conditioned team. Marseille's dreadfull defence didn't help things either and consistently dangerous assults on it would yiend goal inevitably. The game was turned around by 52' and it would have been sooner hadn't it been for Mandanda. Aouar was the one who made it 1-2.

His performance in the whole game was solid, he played as the left CM in Lyon's 4-3-3 in an inverted triangle with Tousart at it's base. A positive influence whenever the game happened upon his side, he provided some consitent pressure and support. In the first half he played closer to the flank trying to combine with Cornet and made a good incicive pass to him from short range but it wasn't capitalised on. On the second half he played lower and more centrally on the left side again filling that area well with his presence. His choices were generally good and composed. He scored the goal ofcourse with a perfect placement on the right corner, i've also noticed some other good placements from him and i think this might be his best feature shooting-wise, with a decent base for power and ST. He also made a dangerous backheel pass to Mendy beating a couple of players in the process but again not much came out of it. He made 3-4 long passes in the game as well, a couple to find other teammates in the second third of the pitch and also one good cross inside the box for Traore's header leading to a great save by Mandanda . His long passing is clearly secondary in terms of ability compared to his Spa i think but he's quite comfortable in wielding long passes too. Other than that he showed his great control of the ball everytime he had it, never really missed a beat and when he was dispossed it was either by a foul or by simply being outmouscled and thrown aside, physical strength ofcourse being the only big hinderance he has in ball retention. He was subbed near the 80th minute, i think as a preemptive measure because he had just been hurt and on the floor . Overall a very positive presence, without a big highlight aside from his goal.

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Re: Houssem Aouar

Postby Maracanazo » 2018 Mar 19, 18:14

can't argue anything, it's really similar with my fantasy
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Re: Houssem Aouar

Postby Adrien » 2018 Apr 20, 15:39

I just read the MP your sent me to give my view. Sorry but I have no idea about stats for him, mostly watching football for funs nowadays and yeah Aouar is really great. Promising mieldfielder.
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Re: Houssem Aouar

Postby Houy » 2018 Apr 21, 10:13

Adrien wrote:I just read the MP your sent me to give my view. Sorry but I have no idea about stats for him, mostly watching football for funs nowadays and yeah Aouar is really great. Promising mieldfielder.

It's fine, we'll get around to it ;)

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