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by Vickingo
2019 Feb 17, 15:00
Forum: Independiente
Topic: Cecilio Domínguez
Replies: 5
Views: 4000

Re: Cecilio Domínguez

Scored this beauty yesterday, pure class. Also he had quite a good match, seemed really fast over distances and very agile.
Spoiler: show
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 16, 00:46
Forum: Defensa y Justicia
Topic: Francisco Cerro
Replies: 88
Views: 16122

Re: Francisco Cerro

What about him Pablo? He has one hell of set and he barely plays right?
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 16, 00:40
Forum: San Martín de Tucumán
Topic: Alejandro Altuna
Replies: 1
Views: 551

Re: Alejandro Altuna

Bumping this one because of that tw value @Paablito
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 15, 15:42
Forum: River Plate
Topic: Bruno Zuculini
Replies: 51
Views: 29615

Re: Bruno Zuculini

another dmf who is pretty overrated since his 2014 and with old standards, since he comeback to River his development is ok, nothing especial tbh playing as sub when Ponzio couldnt play or Enzo was injured. He doesnt attack he mostly play in front of the cb with 0 participation in the game just mad...
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 15, 15:42
Forum: Tigre
Topic: Néstor Moiraghi
Replies: 25
Views: 4042

Re: Néstor Moiraghi

Yeah indeed, go ahead
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 15, 04:18
Forum: Rosario Central
Topic: Leonardo Gil
Replies: 49
Views: 10098

Re: Leonardo Gil

Shouldn't we adapt this set to "new" tw/att/def standards?
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 15, 03:36
Forum: Aldosivi
Topic: Alan Ruiz
Replies: 128
Views: 29099

Re: Alan Ruiz

He's mostly sub in Aldosivi, a real flop his career, i though he was gonna be great but his metality and low fighting spirit makes him being quite average overall and mostly sub. I dunno if he's so consistent to have 88 in da, someone took a look at this lately?
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 15, 03:19
Forum: River Plate
Topic: Juan Fernando Quintero
Replies: 92
Views: 67598

Re: Juan Fernando Quintero

Today again, another insane goal from his golden left foot, what a goal, his shoting is on fire
Spoiler: show
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 14, 18:36
Topic: Óscar Cardozo, Libertad
Replies: 227
Views: 65388

Re: Óscar Cardozo, Libertad

Done, what a fucking insane goal. He scored this one in Newell's when he just appeared in AFA, I remember it like it would be yesterday:
Spoiler: show

Tell me if there's anything else to update please.

Note #1: Please use spoilers when you add gifs.
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 13, 01:23
Forum: Argentinian Lower Leagues
Topic: Oscar Carniello, Boca Unidos
Replies: 54
Views: 8346

Re: Oscar Carniello

Well in 2011-2013 was outstanding his level, absolutely crazy in every aspect in his game and well surrounded, amazing in aerial game, great speed and pretty good physically to be an active player in defense, nice speed and decently good in 1-1 situations. Then, he had many many little injuries, we...
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 13, 01:22
Forum: Tigre
Topic: Gerardo Alcoba
Replies: 20
Views: 6173

Re: Gerardo Alcoba

Same with Ferrero, just look at this set, any thoughts on him?
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 13, 01:05
Forum: Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Topic: Alexis Ferrero
Replies: 29
Views: 9505

Re: Alexis Ferrero

Lucas, do you know something about him? Set hasnt been touched in 3 years and has one of the most complete sets for a cb in afa.
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 13, 01:02
Forum: Independiente
Topic: Guillermo Burdisso
Replies: 95
Views: 60379

Re: Guillermo Burdisso

Given him a total update to replicate his style and how injurie prone he has been. Also how technically bad is and how unagile and slow.
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 11, 16:22
Forum: Estudiantes de La Plata
Topic: Gastón Fernández
Replies: 61
Views: 18917

Re: Gastón Fernández

Yeah done, also decreased his attack, probably could be even lower, he's clearly going too much down at his career at this point. Also i dunno if he keeps deserving that ds and agility value.
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 11, 12:19
Forum: Racing Club
Topic: Marcelo Díaz
Replies: 90
Views: 47303

Re: Marcelo Díaz

Giving him those tweaks and raped his defence, his weakest point i'd say, and probably could be even lower. Didn't touch his technical abilities, Pablo if you want go ahead.
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 11, 12:00
Forum: River Plate
Topic: Juan Fernando Quintero
Replies: 92
Views: 67598

Re: Juan Fernando Quintero

Insane FK he scored yesterday Some context: River was playing vs Racing, which is the leader of the league. He scores always vs big teams, that's something to keep an eye about his mentality as well, he isn't affected by though moments, qui...
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 11, 03:25
Forum: Sarmiento de Junín
Topic: Guillermo Farré
Replies: 36
Views: 7242

Re: Guillermo Farré

Does he really show a 83 in tw? The guy is almost at tops in afa tw dmf ladders. Same with stamina and response. Just asking since I don't know anything about him currently.
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 11, 03:23
Forum: Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba
Topic: Hernán Bernardello
Replies: 51
Views: 14667

Re: Hernán Bernardello

Given him an update, he was quite overrated overall
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 11, 03:20
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Cristian Pavón
Replies: 79
Views: 51148

Re: Cristian Pavón

He's being so wasteful since WC, really, Di Maria's NT version style. Also his shoting became somewhat pathetic. Yeah he tries, but it's being just shit.

Any problem with decreasing to whites his ATT, SA and increase his MENT?
by Vickingo
2019 Feb 11, 03:17
Forum: Rosario Central
Topic: Fabián Rinaudo
Replies: 124
Views: 26910

Re: Fabián Rinaudo

Indeed, updated to make a balance in the ladders with the rest of the players and the league as well

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